What is the best professional tile cutter uk can offer? Here is a ranking and a buying guide with the most recommended options for 2024!

When we want to cut a range of tiles so they fit into the bathroom, kitchen, or at any other room, we need to have a professional tool. In most cases we can work with manual cutters because of their compact size and plenty of advantages. However, for larger projects and more professional use, the number of positives decline drastically in favor of negatives. For this reason, we look for electric ones.

Sadly, the choice in this particular sector is quite confusing. There are dozens of different manufacturers that provide us with products of different characteristics. Sadly, not everyone realizes how crucial it is to pay attention to every single element just to make sure that we are dealing with the best professional tile cutter uk can offer. Luckily for you, we prepared a ranking with the most interesting options to choose from.

The standings present five different products that were thoroughly examined in many different aspects. These electric tile cutter reviews focus on such important aspects as, for example, the power the cutter has got to offer or the cutting parameters. Besides that, we also remembered about checking out the material of the blade, the adjustable features, the size, weight, and other comfort-oriented elements.

The best electric tile cutter reviews that we prepared for you this time is VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

• Lightweight;
• Very efficient and long-lasting cooling system;
• compact size;
• Budget price.
• Poor cutting parameters.

One of the most interesting options that you can choose is Vitrex 103402. This is a highly universal machine that allows you to cut through many different materials without worrying about overheating. The tile cutter provides us with a 110 x 22 millimeter blade that is made of diamond. Thanks to continuous rim and the quality of the construction, the option is not only very durable, but also incredibly precise.

Another thing to consider as far as this machine is concerned is its resistance to damages. Thanks to the introduction of a water cooling system, the option can work for quite a long time without any breaks. Another thing to consider is the large reservoir of the coolant thanks to which it is possible to work continuously for as long as you want.

The option allows us to choose different cutting angles. We can choose either 15, 30, or 45 degrees. A very important thing to remember concerns the size of the product. It is only 36.5 x 10.5 x 37 cm in terms of dimensions. Besides that, it weighs only 4 kg. As a result of these two parameters, we are dealing here with a lightweight, compact product that can be easily transported.

Sadly, the cutting parameters are not as great as in the case of competition. Still, if you look for a budget option that can be used for not so demanding works, this is the best electric tile cutter you can currently purchase.

What is an alternative for the best electric tile cutter in a budget price range? You should surely look at Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter

• Angle stop for precise and stable cuts at 45 degrees angle;
• A lot of adjustables;
• Cool water tank for continuous cutting without overheating;
• Great cutting parameters.
• Large price;
• Quite large water demand.

Though we are dealing here with a bit pricier solution, Einhell provides us with a powerful device that can cut through most of the materials used for creating tiles. The option provides us with an average power, but thanks to its great accuracy and relatively high durability, this is another attractive option worth considering.

The motor that we can find in the model TH-TC 618 generates 600 W, which translates into the cutting speed at the level of 3,000 RPM. To prevent from overheating and guarantee durability, the item is fitted with a water cooling system thanks to which we can work on longer projects without any breaks.

As far as the accuracy is concerned, this particular option guarantees a parallel guide that makes the cuts more precise. Another interesting feature that improves cutting comfort is tilt steel table that offers angle scale and, additionally, double locking function. Bear in mind that higher price for the product is a result of a number of functionalities that enhance the overall user’s experience.

Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter 600W is another option with great cutting parameters

• Great regulations of cutting angles;
• Highly precise;
• Large maximum depth at 90 degrees;
• Diamond blade included in the set.
• Very limited cutting depth at 45 degrees.

This particular option also offers us a 600 W motor that can generate approximately the same no load speed, namely 2950 revolutions per minute. In terms of size, we are dealing here with a very similar option, since the table guarantees 36 x 33 cm of working area.

Just like all the previously presented options, this one is also fitted with a diamond blade. Together with a water cooling system, we can hope for quite a long working time without worrying about overheating. The diameter of the outer blade is 18 cm, which is more than enough to cut through a number of different tiles. Interestingly, the maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 35 mm, which is the same as in the case of other average-priced products.

Excel offers us the possibility to tilt the table and, as a result, make cuts at a given angle. It is possible to make clear cuts from 0-45 degrees. As a result, it offers one of the best regulations and enables perfect cuts as long as we know how to perform these cuts. Obviously, to ensure accuracy and higher precision, the authors implemented a parallel guide.

The issue with this particular model is that at a 45-degree angle, the cutting depth reduces quite significantly. As a result, it is not an ideal option for projects that require a number of tilt cuts.

Out of all electric tile cutter reviews, Heavy Duty 600W Electric Wet Tile Cutter deserves special recognition

• Great performance against heavy duty jobs;
• Water cooling system that enables continuous work and keeps dust at bay;
• Tiltable workbench for precise 45-degree cuts;
• Very sturdy and large – suited for bigger projects.
• Very heavy;
• A bit worse cutting parameters than the competition. 

If we are looking for a product that is fitted for the heaviest jobs out there, then you should surely think about purchasing Cocoarm product. The model we are currently reviewing offers a standard, 600 W electric motor that cuts tiles in wet environment. The option differs from its competition thanks to large workbench as well as many adjustable functions thanks to which it is possible to cut tiles under a given angle.

The model provides us with a 3000 RPM, which is pretty impressive no load speed. Thanks to that, we can work in a very quick and efficient way. In terms of cutting parameters, we can see slightly worse cutting depths. In the case of 90-degree cuts, it is 33 mm. For 45-degree cuts, the maximum cutting depth is at the level of 21 mm.

Once again we can find here a water cooling system that is responsible for continuous provision of coolant to the blade and, therefore, the reduction of dust that appears after cutting. If you look for the best tile cutter that can work on heavy jobs and you don’t care about large size and heavy weight, then the option may suit you.

Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W portable electric tile cutter is another option worth trying out

Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W portable electric tile cutter
• Very efficient;
• 22.5 and 45 degree mitres;
• Durable and quiet;
• Water reservoir is easy to access and stores a lot of liquid for future work.
• Quite heavy;
• Poor cutting parameters.

With the weight of 8 kg and large size, this is by far one of the biggest options. However, thanks to great performance and the fact that it will surely fit in a professional workshop or in the case of a garage, all the DIY tasks that require a bit more demanding tile cutting will be done with ease. The option offers all the basics and interesting functionalities thanks to which it is a great alternative for others.

The motor offers 550 W of power, which is slightly less than in the case of other options. However, we still receive 3000 RPM of no load speed and, as a result of introducing a water cooling system, we can work for quite a long time without worrying about overheating or damaging – either the tool itself or a diamond cutter that is included in the kit.

The option comes with a 22.5 and 45 degree mitres. Because of that, we can make precise cuts at given angles without worrying about ruining the material. Another thing to remember is that it is a hi-torque, no stall motor. In other words, we don’t have to be afraid of its performance – even in the case of more demanding tasks. The only problem is the maximum depth of cut. It is around 30 mm and it is one of the smallest cutting depths out of all options presented in the ranking 2024.

Still, the option is very durable and relatively quiet. Let’s also remember about the fact that the coolant reservoir, where the cooling water is stored, is easily accessible and, additionally, it keeps quite a large amount of liquid.

How to make sure that we are choosing the best tile cutter on the market?

The reviews presented five totally different products. Interestingly, in spite of the differences, they are still very similar in some respects. It only shows that even if you pick an option that varies in terms of functionalities and parameters, there are still attributes that need to match in order to prove the quality of the item.

For this reason, we decided to prepare a tutorial where we present the most important aspects of electric tile cutters. Once you familiarize with all the presented parameters and attributes, you will be able to pick the most appropriate device for your projects. The first and most important thing to consider is, obviously, the cutting depth. Besides that, we should also pay attention to the engine power as well as the no-load speed.

Another interesting thing to consider when choosing the right electric tile cutter is, obviously, the possibility to adjust the cutting parameters. As we all know, the item we buy has to allow us to adjust a number of settings in order for it to be universal. In addition to that, opinions and value of the cutter will be of high significance as well. Interesting information can be also found in the article presented below: https://www.montolit.com/en/blog/how-to-choose-the-right-tile-cutter-to-rent-or-buy-according-to-the-tiles-or-mosaic-you-are-installing/

electric tile cutter 2

Remember about cutting parameters

The maximum cutting depth is probably the most important thing as far as choosing electric tile cutters is concerned. It basically shows how thick tiles we can actually cut. Most products available on the market are equipped with a diamond blade. As a result, it can basically cut through every ceramic or porcelain tile without any troubles.

Nevertheless, we need to make sure that the tool we pick will allow us to go through thick material. Depending on the design as well as the performance, the maximum cutting depth can be up to 35 or even 40 mm at a 90-degrees angle. Obviously, the 45-degrees angle cuts have smaller cutting depth because of the curved angle. However, the minimum that interests us is about 20-25 mm at 45 degrees.

Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter

best electric tile cutter

Heavy Duty 600W Electric Wet Tile Cutter

best electric tile cutter reviews

Power and RPMs – another important thing

The power of the motor is quite an essential element to be concerned about because it has a significant impact on the performance of our cutter. If, for example, we pick a product with smaller wattage, then it may result in smaller no-load speed and, therefore, the inability to cut as quickly as other heavy duty electric tile cutters.

Obviously, we can always find a low-wattage motor with great no load speed. However, in such cases we need to be aware of the fact that these units can overheat quite easily and, therefore, it is impossible to work on larger projects. That is why it is always better to look for high power and high RPM, because in such a case, we don’t have to worry about low efficiency.

Let’s also choose electric tile cutters based on functionality and regulations

Everyone wants to configure their own tool to their own preferences. Thanks to that, we don’t feel fatigue and the cutting process is pleasing even in the case of longer tasks. That is why it is important to buy a product with a gigantic number of regulations. The most basic one regards the workbench tilting.

As we all know, in order to set the right angle for our cuts, we have to tilt the working surface. The most basic models allow us to do that in one or two angles. However, the more advanced items guarantee an adjustable workbench that can be set freely thanks to special hooks and locks.

Still, we should remember about two most important angles, namely 22.5 and 45 degrees. If we have mitres that allow us to pick these two, then we are prepared more than enough to make a lot of interesting cuts. It is obvious to state that every electric tile cutter with a diamond blade should also offer a water reservoir that works as a coolant tank. Thanks to that, we can work without an excess of dust and without worrying about damaging the blade.

Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter 600W

best professional tile cutter uk

Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W

best tile cutter

What about the comfort of use?

The comfort of use is highly dependent on the requirements that we set on the device. If it is supposed to be a compact solution for cutting small tiles, then we will certainly appreciate such a tool. Small size and, additionally, low weight of the device will surely help us during the possible transport.

If; however, we want to use the device in one place and we require a large workbench because of the projects that we set, then a much better solution will be to pick a sizable tool. They are, obviously, much heavier. However, it additionally improves the stability of the cutter, which is quite an important feature as well.

Summary and conclusion – best electric tile cutter in UK 2024

As you can see from the tutorial presented up above, there are several important features that influence the final quality of the product. Once we make sure that the desired cutting device is made of sturdy materials and it presents the highest quality to the price, then we will be satisfied with all the functionalities and comfort features it has got to offer.

Obviously, if you don’t want to spend more time on the subject of tile cutting saws, you can simply pick the winner of ranking 2024. VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw is a universal solution with a relatively acceptable budget bracket. It might not be the most efficient tool out of them all, but thanks to numerous adjustables and high quality materials, it is sturdy and reliable, and most of all – efficient.