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If you are under the process of discovering the joys of creating utility objects on your own, you are probably yet to invest in a best workbench. While buying many of the other DIY tools is important, a workbench is one of the basics without which starting any project is difficult. Choosing a workbench that is right for you can often be a task, as there are many variants available in the workbench category. Sadly the information available is often limited making the buyer confused. To help all you DIY enthusiasts out, we have compiled some of the best workbench options with all the details available. This will help you make the final choice. Let us see some of them.

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best workbench top material
Made of dual height to be used as workbench stand as well as saw horse
Good quality durable steel make with rubber feet that prevent slipping
Can be folded compactly, making storing and travelling easier
There workbench has dual clamping cranks, this improves its strength and versatility
Has excellent jaw retention grooves that give variety in material holding as well as clamping variety
Can be set up and cleaned with ease, making the overall maintenance part of the workbench must convenient
The instruction manual is difficult to decipher, making setting up tough
The jaw grooves do not swivel as much as expected
This is one of the forerunners in the foldable workbench category. It can be folded into a compact packing and carried everywhere. The workbench has been designed such that it can be set up and cleaned easily. The workbench has been created for dual use, with two standing heights. It can be used as a workbench stool stand as well as a sawhorse. The construction of this workbench has been made of good quality steel that is durable, and also includes rubber feet that prevent slipping.

Draper Portable Workbench

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Excellent foldable workbench that can be compactly stored
It is portable, can be carried from one place to another
Has dual clamping action with 12 holes for work clamping dogs
The legs of the bench are made of high quality steel
Additional, four plastic clamping dogs and fixings
High quality products available at affordable prices
The workbench is too delicate after setting up, tends to wobble
This is a great portable workbench option that can be easily carried from one place to another. This workbench has been designed with dual clamping action and 12 holes made for work clamping dogs. The workbench can also be folded compactly making storage easier. The legs of the workbench have been made of high quality steel that provides excellent support and strength. It also comes also with four plastic clamping dogs and fixings. The affordable price of the product must not be mistaken for poor quality, as the company is known to provide some of the best folding work tables. They have a wide range of other DIP products that are of equal good quality and prices that surprise.

Silverline Portable Workbench

foldable workbench
The workbench is light weight and easy to carry from one place to another
It can also be folded into a compact packing, making not just travelling with it easier but also makes storing is convenient
The workbench is light weight but has been built with strength. It has been designed to carry a maximum load of anything around 100 kgs with ease
It contains two work tops, each of the size of 560X110mm, the size is comfortable to work on with ease. It is not too big and yet not too small and delicate
The workbench is foldable and hence requires to be assembled with the help of the instruction manual provided along
The two worktables do not align easily making it tough to cut a straight line
The product overall is of inferior material
When looking for a workbench that is foldable, light weight and easy to carry from one place to another and yet strong enough to bear weight and to aid heavy duty tasks, this is your answer. This classic workbench has been created such that it is enabled to bear a maximum load of about 100 kgs. The table can also be folded into a convenient pack that makes storage easy. There are two worktops of 560X110 mm each. The product requires assembling, an instruction manual has been provided for the same.

Bosch Workbench

the ranking of the best workbench on wheels
High quality bamboo surface giving the workbench a waterproof and scratch resistant finish
The workbench has a mechanism that makes folding it very easy taking not more than 5 seconds. The thickness of the bench after folding is a mere 9 cms
Has specialized clamping mechanism that accommodates any surface right from bulky, to irregular to round or fixed
The aluminum frame gives it a sturdy look and also takes away a lot of extra weight. Weighing just about 11kgs this pack is easy to haul
Also have additional compartments for storage purposes as well
The work bench is not very stable
The aluminum legs wobble on pressure
This portable work bench has been created especially to make the work of novice DIYers more convenient. It has been created such that it is robust and sturdy to use but at the same time is light weight. The worktable has been made of bamboo, making it strong and scratch resistant. The bamboo surface makes the table water resistant as well. The table has been designed such that lugging it from one place to another is extremely easy. When packed the thickness of the table is just 9 cms. Also the aluminum legs provide the right support and still reduce the overall weight of the workbench. When folded it weighs just about 11kgs. Also the folding mechanism is such that the workbench is folded in nothing more than 5 seconds. The workbench has also been created especially to make it versatile. No matter the size or the shape of the working material, whether it is irregular, bulky, round or fixed. The clamping mechanism is such that it has adjustable worktops as well as clamping dogs.

WORX Work Table

best woodworking bench
Dual use, as a workbench as well as saw horse
Requires no special assembly
Compact and light weight, can be folded easily in seconds
The pack is just about 5 inches when folded
Worktable mode can take up to 300 lbs and saw horse mode manages 1000 lbs
Have special locking legs to prevent buckling
2 quick clamps and 4 peg clamps give a sturdy support to various materials and shapes
When looking for a workbench that is sturdy and versatile in use, this Pegasus Multi-function work table is your answer. One of its finest features is the fact that it can be easily converted in to a workbench as well as a sawhorse in a matter of seconds. It also has been added with additional storage space and does not require any special assembling for its use. It is also a stunning option for a foldable workbench that is compact and can be folded easily. It is just about 5 inches deep on folding. When converted into a work bench this table supports anything around 300 lbs of weight. In the saw horse mode, the table can actually support as much as 100 lbs of weight. It has a great feature of locking legs that prevent buckling. You can be sure of the product as you use it with its four clamp pegs and 2 quick clamps that can be handy while securing various kinds of material including bulky material, irregular shapes as well as materials. The total size of the table is 31×25 inches, and 32 inches in height. It is also light weight, weighing just about 30 lbs.
We have just seen some excellent workbench reviews, but choosing the one that is right for you still remains a challenge. To help you choose the workbench that is apt for your needs, we have a few pointers that you can bear in mind.We have just seen some excellent workbench reviews, but choosing the one that is right for you still remains a challenge. To help you choose the workbench that is apt for your needs, we have a few pointers that you can bear in mind.

Choosing the right workbench

A good workbench is one of the first things that a wood worker would need in their workshop. And investing in the right one is crucial, as it is a workbench that undergoes maximum stress and abuse especially while working with wood. Different materials are cut, shaped, scraped and sanded, glued on a workbench itself. It is one of the most fundamental purchases without which working on wood is almost impossible. And so it is important to do enough ground work before simply purchasing the cheapest or most attractive looking one. There are many factors that one needs to look into before deciding and many features that imply a particular workbench is good. So one needs to take their time and think before buying on impulse. Here are a few points that will help you zero down on the final choice
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Know your needs

There are no two wood workers who will have identical style of working. Understand what you need the workbench for and how you plan on using it. You can take into consideration the following factors.


The size of your workbench is an important decision. While we feel the bigger the bench the better it is, but it will be the size of your workshop that will help you make the final choice. Having a huge workbench in a cramped up work place only adds to trouble.

Height of the workbench

There is no perfect solution to this, while a tall person would want a high workbench the shorter person will choose otherwise. The general height of a workbench ranges anywhere between 32”-38”. Then the sitting height also needs to be taken into consideration.

Portable Vs Stationary

This is highly debatable as there are many users who will swear by the use of a stationary workbench especially when wanting to pull and push the wood works. But again, if your workplace if doubled up as the garage or shed, you might have to choose a portable one.

Style of using

In case you are a part time DIY wood worker or do it simply as a hobby in your spare time, you probably do not need a workbench that is huge in size. There are many options in terms of sizes and there are petite hobby workbenches available as well. You need to assess how much and how often you need to use that workbench and choose a size that is practical for you.

Single use of Multiutility Workbench

There are many work benches which double up as saw horses and much more. While it is a personal decision if you would like a multi-functional workbench or not, one needs to keep the cost factor in mind. Also additional storage space on the workbench is an add on.

Strength and stability

Whether you are looking at a portable workbench or a stationary one, one factor that is crucial is the strength and stability of the workbench. Even if the delicate one looks better, may be cheaper or is more compact, when working with wood, sturdiness is crucial.

Plenty of practical clamps

Clamps are things that will hold your wood work in place while you work on it. With poor clamps or fewer of them your material will never remain steady making working on it impossible.

Leg flush with workbench top

A lot of cheaper and newer workbenches are available with workbench tops that overhangs the legs. This can lead to a lot of distress while working. Always opt for a workbench with leg flush with a workbench on top.

Appropriate height, width and length

When a workbench is too high, too low or too broad for you to work on, spending long hours on them can be distressing. Make sure you consider your own height, and working style before choosing a workbench.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the perfect size for a workbench?

Most workbenches are around 6ft with the range usually being between 5ft and 7ft. You can get longer and you can get shorter but you will struggle to find them readily available. The perfect size for a workbench though is the one you feel most comfortable with. Try out a few different sizes before settling on your ‘forever workbench’ 

What is the best depth for a workbench?

Your workbench depth should really not be any longer than your arm reach. You want to be able to handle the wood at all ends without overreaching. This is usually around 24 inches. If you’re the type of woodworker who works with larger pieces regularly you might want to add a couple inches on but ensure you know the limits to your reach

Does a workbench need to be level?

 Most definitely yes. For two reasons, one you don’t want your expensive tools to roll off and get damaged hitting the floor, and two woodworking is all about precision if your workbench is off level then your creations will be off level also.

Can you make your own workbench?

Yes you can. But you might struggle to without a workbench! You need a workbench to create a workbench. Try and borrow a buddies to get you started or make do with what you have. Here’s a video.

Conclusion – what to choose in 2024?

All those who are new to the world of wood work and DIY projects, very often end up buying a workbench as one of the first things in their work shop. And it also is one of the most important purchases, considering most of the wood work is done on it. And we have tried to help you out by the means of providing you with as much information possible, that you would need to make then investment. We have given you information about the top workbench options by the means of workbench reviews. Other than that, we have also thrown light on some of the points to remember while investing in a workbench as well as the key features to look out for. Considering all the points mentioned above, from among the top five workbench options discussed above, the best one seems to be the BLACK+DECKER WM536 Dual Height Workmate. The product is packed with some great features. It can be easy packed, unpacked and cleaned. It is versatile and can be used at various heights, like the workbench, bench stool stand as well as the saw horse. The construction includes a premium quality steel framework that comes along with rubber feet hat prevent slipping. It is also a great portable option that can be folded into a compact pack, making it easy to transport as well as store. It has various clamping adjustments that allow the use of various material of different shapes and sizes. While the final decision is completely yours, this according to us is an excellent choice providing good value for money.