Best jigsaw saws reviews to help you shop better

No workshop is complete without the best jigsaw saw in the tool collection. The versatility of this tool is what makes it indispensable. Choosing the right jigsaw would go a long way in giving professional results in small DIY projects as well a large home projects.

Look at our list of Best Jigsaws available in UK – 2019

The best jigsaw power tool for every type of user:

Bosch PST 700 E Compact Jigsaw


The ergonomic design is one of the major benefits. This allows longer use without causing a lot of strain on the user. There is also a grip on the handle that allows holding the jigsaw tightly even with sweaty hands


If you are looking for speed controls this is one of the best jigsaw machine you would find. It carries precise easy to use speed configuration


Adding to the safety features included on the tool there is a lock-button that can be toggled when you do not want to turn on the jigsaw by mistake


There is an inlet included to connect to a vacuum cleaner. So, you could quickly clean the workspace before proceeding


There is also a blower to blow away fine dust and obtain a precise cut

If you are looking for a professional jigsaw of high power this is not the best one you would find. For an average home user however, for all the DIY woodworking needs, it does its job perfectly

An all-rounder chosen based on a great performance with great value features, this is the best woodworking jigsaw on our list. This is a corded jigsaw which is compact and easy to use. The tool is not just compact it is also pretty light to handle. The blade changing mechanism is pretty convenient and you can switch blades in no time without much efforts.

VonHaus Compact 400W Electric Jigsaw


There is a splinter guard and this would help you obtain a neat finish without the risk of creating splinters on the edges of the cut surface


It is a versatile jigsaw that can be used to obtain circular cuts, curved cuts, plunge cuts as well as normal straight cuts, all with the same precision


It comes packed with 3 blades and an easy blade changing system. If you are looking to add more blades you could use any T-shank blades with this jigsaw

This makes a great option for casual use but when used for longer duration sometimes the jigsaw gets heated up.

For the pros there is also an 800W variant but we are talking here about the 400W variant for the basic user. This is another one on our list that scores high with its ergonomic user-friendly design. The 400W motor’s efficiency is made better with the easy speed controls it comes with. With all the safety features it comes with, this is definitely found on the best jigsaw UK list especially given the impressive price tag.

Bosch PST 18 LI Cordless Jigsaw


Dust extraction mechanism included in the device is something that is worth mentioning as it also includes a protective cover


If there is too much fine dust there is also a power blowing feature


The battery is pretty efficient and doesn’t discharge when not in use


The Syneon chip included programs the power and efficiency so as to provide longer duration of operation for a single charge while also retaining the power delivered


The sole plate can be moved in both the directions for more customized cutting. Edge cuts which are very close are made easy with this feature

Again, we can find hardly anything that is wrong with this product except the expensive pricing

This is a cordless model that also comes with the battery. It carries an ergonomic simple to hold design like other Bosch tools and there is also a lock button provided to prevent toggling the device on by mistake. It is very much similar to the first one on our list but comes without a cord.

Makita DJV180Z 18 V Cordless Body Only Li-ion Jigsaw


To improve the precision in cut there is an LED job light provided in the jigsaw


The jigsaw is pretty light to carry and is also compact. So, if you are looking for a portable option this can be your best bet


The Li-ion battery that comes packed in the tool is pretty efficient and comes with a longer life span that other batteries as well. So, you can be assured of several charging and discharging cycles without loss in the performance of the battery


It is not just for woodworking but also to cut plastic, some metal surfaces as well


The blade change can be done easily without requiring any additional tool for it

This is quite pricy compared to the other jigsaws on our list. But given the versatility of the tool it is worth the price paid

This Makita jigsaw review is to give you an introduction to this powerful tool that would be a nice upgrade to you workshop. There is hardly a thing you cannot do with this jigsaw. This is one of the most feature-rich cordless jigsaws on our list. It comes with a 3.0Ah Li-ion battery. The efficiency of the battery is also very good. A single charge can allow nearly 22 minutes of operation.

Apollo Heavy Duty 600W Power Jigsaw


For all the features it comes with and the heavy duty powerful motor it packs, it is quote compact


The speed configuration option provided on the jigsaw is easy to use while you are operating on the work surface. One other intuitive feature is the lock button that helps you to cut for longer duration without having to hold the trigger button all the time


There is a port provided to extract dust from the workspace

It is quite good for basic use. But it is not the best when it comes to durability of operation. So, if you are looking for something that would last for years together you have numerous other better choices

Here is another heavy-duty jigsaw in our best jigsaw reviews which is also less expensive in comparison with the Makita jigsaw. Be it hardwood or soft wood, plastic, Plexiglas, glass, sheet steel or tile you would be able to work on all of them with this jigsaw. There is a very powerful 600W motor that can give a cleaner cut easily.

Ryobi R18JS-0 ONE+ Jigsaw


The positioning of the speed control knob is convenient to use it with single hand


The unique design comes with 4-stage pendulum operation. This is done mainly to achieve a more powerful cutting performance


To improve the ease of use there is a blower that continuously blows dust off the cutting surface so that you can see the guide better and cut accurately

The lack of clear instructions is something you might find discouraging especially if you are a first-time user. But this is in fact the problem with most of the jigsaws on our list. You would however be able to find a lot of tutorials online

Here is the Ryobi jigsaw review to talk about this cool looking jigsaw which is a cordless one that comes with some great features making it an all-rounder. In addition to other similar features as the jigsaws on our list this one comes with an adjustable work base that allows 0 deg to 45 deg settings for angled cuts. For tireless working there is a lock-on switch provided on the top.

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Jigsaw:


If you are looking for a jigsaw that you can use for a longer duration then this one can make a good choice thanks to the fan-cooled motor. So, you do not have to worry about overheating issues. And the motor repair and maintenance is also pretty simple as it comes with easy to replace motor brushes


The design has been done so as to reduce the vibrations during operation. As vibrations are reduced it improves the energy efficiency. We cannot conclude our dewalt jigsaw review without mentioning about the soft rubber grip that makes this one easy to hold for hours without feeling the vibration

It is hard to find things that we do not like about this jigsaw. One small negative we noticed however was that it forms splinters in some cases and there is no splinter guard included

This cordless jigsaw comes with comes with XR Lithium ion technology that ensures energy efficient operation. There is an easy speed control and lock option. So, safety and convenience of the user are both kept in the picture. Any T-shank blades can be used with the jigsaw and these can be installed and replaced in no time.

How should you choose a jigsaw?

Given the numerous options you might find in the market, how do you pick a jigsaw for yourself? A lot of it depends on the actual applications. What types of materials would you be cutting? What would be the power you might require? There are many more such questions to ask yourself when you buy a jigsaw.

You would be able to find some basic jigsaws that are pretty affordable for the rare users. There are also some really powerful ones that hard-core users would love.

how to choose professional jigsaw

What is the power required?

hoosing the right power determines the efficiency of the machine. It also defines the ease of obtaining the desired cut with your jigsaw. The speed with which you can complete any given project would also depend on the power of the jigsaw. The ones that come with higher power ratings can obtain a precise cut at good speeds. And to make things even better there are also those that come with speed configuration option. So, you get to choose a speed depending on the actual material at hand which makes absolute sense especially if you use the jigsaw often.

Should you go for a cordless jigsaw?

There are compact options that allow cord free operation. But evidently these might not be suitable for those who are looking for higher power. The ease of recharging the battery as well as the battery capacity should also be considered if you are buying a cordless jigsaw. Given the absence of a cord these can be used for convenient operation and can be carried easily. You can use them even in those places where you do not find an electrical outlet. But if you are looking at the most powerful jigsaws these might mostly be a corded jigsaw.

The types of blades you choose matters

The type of blade would determine the type of cut obtained. It would also influence the material that can be cut efficiently with the jigsaw. When we talk about the type of the blade it also includes the length, width as well as the shape of the blade teeth. Ideally, most of the metal cutting blades might be shorter than the ones that are used to cut wood. But the teeth in these might be sharper than wood cutting blades. When you consider cutting wood and softer metal surfaces you might find bi-metallic blades beneficial. If you are looking to cut masonry surfaces then there are carbide grit blades available as well. One significant factor to consider while choosing the blades is the TPI or teeth per inch. This is the density of teeth and when the number is higher it would result in a cleaner and more accurate cut. If you are a hard user who would be handling several hard surfaces including harder metals and wood then having a set of cobalt steel blades would make your work simpler. This is about the blades. But when you buy a jigsaw remember to choose one that comes with easy blade installation system. You would not want to spend a lot of time in changing the blades before you actually proceed with your project.

There are flush cut blades- do not forget!

If you are considering cutting flush on a vertical surface you cannot achieve this with any normal blade. There are special flush cut blades for this. It comes in very handy if you are looking to rework some installed surface, say a door, or a wall or a cabinet. These blades are characterized by the extended blade which helps first saw through the surface before making a clean vertical cut. They are also referred to as offset blades.

Base plate configuration

There are those jigsaws that come with movable base plates while some have rigid ones. It is a matter of personal choice and the actual projects you might work. When you find a jigsaw with adjustable base plates you have the advantage of being able to easily make angled cuts on the work piece.

Precision in cutting

To obtain a precise cut you cannot simply operate the jigsaw free handed. You would need a guide. There are steel guides that you could use to obtain straight cuts. The results however depend also on the actual operation method. You might use one or more straight edge guides clamped tight to help obtain a perfect cut. To tackle the problems that reduce precision, we now find a lot of jigsaws that come with laser guides. But remember that these are sometimes difficult to use when you are working in a workshop under bright lighting conditions.

These are the basic considerations to keep in mind to help you pick a DIY jigsaw for your home projects. The safety features of the jigsaw should be the first aspects to look into. To allow efficient operation there are jigsaws that come with dust blower features. They can help you clean up and suction the dust so that you can then obtain a cleaner cut without any fine dust blocking the view. Blade lock feature, speed variation controls and other safety features also come in handy.

Concluding the best jigsaw UK reviews in 2019 time

After hours of using each of them we have only listed down those that fair really well in the competitive market. These are all great value jigsaws that come with a lot of features useful for a DIYer. A compact lower tool would make the best jigsaw for DIY and small projects. If you are looking for a more powerful tool that can be used for a longer duration consider the corded jigsaw models on the list we have laid down. So, you do not have to worry about the battery discharging midway through the work. Which one are you buying next?

Best Jigsaw Saws in UK 2019 – Reviews
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