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How to make sure we pick the best tool box for plumbers? Here is a guide and a review of several interesting options in 2024!

Once we get all the tools we need for plumbing tasks, we will have to figure out the best way to store them. Usually, we all have some types of boxes or old cases that we can use. If; however, we don’t want to damage pieces or simply lose some of them, then we should definitely think about plumbers tool box with special dividers as well as protective foam that will keep all the tools we have in one place – without rattling around In this way, we can avoid the situation where our tools bounce off of each other.

However, it is quite difficult to indicate which is the best plumbers tool box, especially if we all have different amounts of accessories we wish to store. Obviously, we have to take into account the durability of the product as well. There are even more things to consider and not everyone realizes that. To make things even easier, we decided to create a ranking of five attractive options. Besides that, we prepared a guide that will help you pick the most appropriate option.

The best plumbers tool box you can currently buy and the winner of today’s ranking is STANLEY 2000 Series Toolbox with Metal Latch

• Sturdy design;
• Lightweight;
• Relatively low price;
• A lot of functional attributes. 
• Not as reliable as the competition.

The winner of the ranking is a 12.5 inch toolbox made by a renowned and highly popular producer, namely Stanley. This particular option guarantees robustness at a desirable level with many interesting solutions that improve the comfort and make sure that the use of the product is as comfortable as it is possible.

The first thing to consider as the advantage is the introduction of metal latches thanks to which it is possible to put more heavy tools without worrying about them getting damaged. What is more, it guarantees longer life than in the case of plastic latches. Another thing to consider is the introduction of two top lid organisers. It allows us to store a lot of small parts, including screws and other plumbing or electrical components.

If we have some bigger elements we wish to store, then we can easily do that thanks to the removable tote tray. Another thing that we should be concerned about is soft grip – it makes a handle much more pleasing in touch. However, even if it is a lightweight option with great value for money, its durability is not of the highest level.

If you wish to find the best budget tool box on the market, URBN Living Tool Box Twin Pack might be a great option 

• Great value for money;
• Incredibly inexpensive; 
• Two boxes in the package;
• The possibility to pick one out of four sizes.
• A plastic-based case is equivalent to poor robustness.

The possibility to purchase a twin pack at an affordable price? URBN Living provides us with a great opportunity to purchase both 12-inch and 16-inch options. Though they are made of plastic, such an enormous amount of storage will surely accommodate all the accessories you have got in your equipment.

The package concerns two toolboxes as well as additional organisers. It allows you to keep components in order. Another important thing to mention is its incredibly lightweight. The entire option is made of strong plastic, which is durable enough to hold even heavier options without worrying about latches.

Also, we should remember about the possibility to change the order and either pick one smaller tool box that is even cheaper than the entire kit or think about a much larger solution. Obviously, it is not as robust as steel-based options, but definitely worth checking out for people who are looking for the best budget tool box.

Youyijia Tool Box is another great solution, but this one is made of robust material 

• Very sturdy design;
• Two compartments for improved order in the kit;
• Made of robust materials – highly reliable and impact resistant.
• Very small.

If we don’t mind purchasing a product that is relatively small for a higher price, then we should surely think about the option from Japan. Youyijia guarantees a much sturdier product than the two other already reviewed items because of the use of stainless steel and metal as the main materials.

Made of stainless steel, the product is resistant to impacts of any kind and damages that come from dropping the tool or hitting it with something. Though it makes the product heavier, we should definitely think about buying a Youijia product if we have fragile components that we wish to protect.

Another thing that can be considered as an advantage is the incredibly durable storage compartments. Thanks to two pieces, we can store screws, drill bits, and many other smaller elements without losing or misplacing them.

Also, MAXPOWER Toolbox may be an interesting alternative for you 

• Lightweight;
• Thoughtful design with many additions;
• Very spacious for such a size; 
• Transparent lid with additional mini-compartments.
• Hard plastic on the handle;
• Not as sturdy as metal-based storages. 

An option that most of you will find interesting is prepared by Maxpower. This particular brand guarantees three different options to choose from, but only the purchase of the 14-inch tool box is recommended due to its attractive price.

This solution is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. However, most of us know this material as ABS, which is basically plastic. Thanks to that, we receive here a lightweight solution that is relatively safe for storage most of drills, bits, and other smaller components. However, the sturdiness is not at the same level as in the case of metal-based boxes.

One of the advantages of this option is the introduction of a transparent lid, where we can store the smallest elements that are quite often needed. Thanks to that, we keep the main space free for other additions. The handle is ergonomic and has special grooves for easier transport. Unfortunately, it is a hard plastic of average quality, so the user feels fatigue during longer transport.

WORX WA0071 Carry Case Tool Organiser is definitely one of the sturdies, but at the same time the best tool boxes for plumbers you can buy 

WORX WA0071 Carry Case Tool Organiser
• The best quality in the ranking;
• Design of the case makes the offer comfortable to transport;
• Special dividers that allow us to customize the product.
• Large price.

Last but definitely not least interesting option you can pick is made by Worx. The manufacturer offers one of the best options in terms of quality and universality. However, with these advantages comes a pretty large disadvantage, namely the massive price we have to pay.

It is not a standard tool box, because its design resembles more of a carry case. However, thanks to that, the grip is much more comfortable then in the case of previous products. What is more, this plumbers tool box is much safer for the more fragile elements because of stable and sturdy design.

Another positive thing regarding WA0071 is the introduction of special dividers. It means that we receive quite large, yet empty space that we can divide the way we like. As a result, we can transport large tools or simply prepare smaller compartments for tiny bits. Because of that, we can adjust the product to our needs.

Which plumbing tool box is going to be the best? Here is a quick guide!

Picking the ideal tool box is surely quite a difficult thing to do, mostly because of different accessories and gadgets that we all may have. That is why the list of five toolboxes presented up above varies in terms of its size as well as the compartments for smaller and larger pieces. However, if none of these products suit your expectations, then it is a good idea to look for a perfect option outside the ranking.

First thing to consider is, obviously, the material used for the production of the toolbox. Also, we have to remember about its size as well as available compartments or, if it is the case for some of the products, organisers. Let’s not forget about the size of these storages as well as their weight, which might be quite a handy addition.

Sturdiness of the product and its robustness should also be taken under consideration. Opinions of others as well as the price – these are two other things that can help you in choosing the right product. However, in order to make sure that you pick the most appropriate solution, learn more about these boxes from the link down below. Thanks to them, it is possible to acquire crucial data that will be useful for the future search:

About material and why it plays such a crucial role

When you spend dozens or even hundreds of dollars on plumbing equipment as well as many other power tools or hand tools for DIY projects, we all want to keep these items safe no matter where we go and what we do. That is why picking a sturdy, reliable, and resistant to shock box is one of the most important things one can imagine.

As a result, we need to make sure that the material used for the production of the tool box is of the highest quality. That is why the first thing to consider when picking such a box is, obviously, stainless steel. If it is the highest class, then there will be no problem whatsoever with transporting our tools in the box.

It is obvious to state that a tool box made of steel is going to be much heavier than the one made of plastic. However, we need to decide what type of tools we are going to store there. If these are going to be regular bits, screws, and other tiny elements, then we can simply pick an option that was made from reinforced plastic. In other cases, stainless steel is the best answer.

Youyijia Tool Box

plumbing tool box

URBN Living Tool Box Twin Pack

tool box for plumbers

Also, size really matters

Another important thing people have to consider when choosing a tool box is the size of a product. Sometimes we just need a 12-inch option that will store the smallest accessories and gadgets for our hand tools. However, in some other cases, we have to look for at least 14-inch or even larger boxes.

Interestingly, we don’t have to purchase an incredibly large box, because sometimes it is much better to find an attractive twin-pack thanks to which we can have two different toolboxes – one with smaller elements and more frequently used, and the other with larger or seldom used.

Remember about comfort of use and ergonomics

Another important thing to consider when choosing a perfect tool box regards minor elements that improve or decrease the comfort of use. For example, it isn’t a good idea to pick a product that is very heavy and doesn’t offer a comfortable handle, because on a long run, we are not going to be satisfied with the comfort of transport.

That is why look at the handle, see if it has special grooves. Usually, they indicate that the producer designed the handle in a way it improves the grip and makes it easier to move from point A to point B. Obviously, we have to remember about the dimensions as well, because square-like boxes are less handy.

Interestingly, the comfort of use of the product can also be altered by introducing special transparent lids thanks to which we can see whether there are bits we need without opening the box itself. Also, two small compartments hidden in the lid allows us to store the smallest screws in a very accessible place.


best plumbers tool box

WORX WA0071 Carry Case Tool Organiser

best budget tool box

Accessories and compartments – everything you need to know about it

Look for a product that can be fully customized and adjusted to your preferences. It means that we should always look for compartments that will suit our expectations. Different shapes of tools, larger and smaller ones, and obviously a number of accessories and gadgets – all these things translate into huge diversity and the necessity of purchasing carry cases suitable for us and our machines.

That is why an interesting thing is the introduction of special dividers. These are small and usually plastic made pieces that allow us to change the space in the tool box to our own demands. Such a management is available only in some items that have special latches inside the housing.

Summary and conclusion – best plumbers tool box in UK 2024

STANLEY 2000 Series Toolbox with Metal Latch is by far one of the best options you can currently buy. Thanks to the introduction of metal latches, the entire product is quite durable and we don’t risk damaging the tools inside the box. What is more, it is fairly attractive in terms of price and, therefore, presents great value for money.

You can always look at alternatives, especially if you want to buy a box made of steel or you look for better division of compartments. All these things can be found in products presented in the ranking. Also, the guide offers a lot of tips you can use to look for your own, perfect product. It guarantees a perfect solution for those who have even more demanding requirements.

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