Best plunge saw review and buying guide

Your hunt for the best plunge saw ends here. Here is the best plunge saw review compilation, comprising the ones that come with great features and priced aptly as well. And for those who are still confused about making the right choice, there is also a shopping guide to help pick the right plunge saw.

List of Best Plunge saws available in 2024 UK

PicsNameRating 0-100Price Level
rsz makita sp6000k1

Makita Plunge Cut Saw



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rsz festool plunge saw

Festool TS 55 R FS



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rsz fartools

Fartools Plunge Cut



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Makita Plunge Cut Saw

Where you can find festool plunge saw
The depth stopper provided on the tool helps you to obtain cuts without splinters even when you make a shallow cut
The stable design prevents the tool from tipping down and adds to the safety
The blade replacement procedure is pretty simple thanks to the blade positioning mechanism
There are a lot of controls provided on this plunge saw and it makes a great tool for those who know plunge saws well. If you are a first-time user you might take some time getting used to this tool
If you want to adjust the torque speed as well as the position of everything in the most comfortable way, we recommend testing out DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Combi Drill with 1 x 4Ah Battery. Thanks to lightweight and compact design, DeWalt can be used in confined spaces. If you are looking for a tool that can be used with variety of metal or wood materials, then torque control available in 14 positions will surely appeal to each and every user. What is more, the described tool has got an intelligent trigger installed, what provide us with total control of the drill and all its features. As the remaining heavy drills presented and recommended on this list, DeWalt 18V XR has been equipped with Lithium Ion battery. However, we do not possess two or three batteries, but we receive one, 4Ah battery that lasts more than the competition.

NEW Festool TS 55 R FS Plunge Saw

what is the best plunge saw
Though this is a corded plunge saw, the power cord is detachable. So if the power cord gets damaged at any instant you can easily get it replaced without any hassle
The operation time is pretty fast. So the plunge saw can obtain cleaner cuts in a shorter duration
The overall build quality of this plunge saw feels sturdy and stable when you use. It is one of the most durable options as well. So if you are someone who uses a plunge saw often then this one would make a great buy
Fast drill speed

This is an easy to use plunge saw even for beginners but the price is slightly more expensive than many other beginner plunge saws
This festool plunge saw comes with a flexible design that allows you to use the saw even in hard to reach surfaces and when you have to work on a surface closer to the wall. The innovative design this plunge saw features makes sure that you can obtain a clean cut without the slightest damage on the workpiece. The 1.4mm guide rail functions perfectly to assist you in obtaining a straight cut with ease.

Fartools Plunge Cut Circular Saw

makita plunge saw
To ensure the accuracy in cuts as well as to ensure safety of the users, the progressive plunge system is calibrated perfectly
If you want to make angular cuts with your plunge saw then this one is suitable as it offers a base which can be set at 45° and 90°
It comes with an ergonomic design and the user would not feel the vibration even when handling a heavy work
The plastic rails might easily come off once you start using the tool often. A single piece rail would make a better choice
Here is another plunge saw with a 1200W motor priced reasonably to make it great even for home users. The design is pretty convenient to use with all the controls easily accessible. The plunge saw comes with a parallel cutting guide and there is also the provision to connect a vacuum to collect the dust while working.

Why do you really need plunge saws?

There are several types of saws and the circular saws are popular. So, those with circular saws often feel that they might not really need a plunge saw. But only when you use one would you understand how efficient a plunge saw is in making straight cuts. It is the precision of the saw and the smooth cut it delivers that make the plunge saw a favorite among many. If you are handling a woodworking project for the first time, some saws might appear tougher to operate. But with the plunge saw you would know exactly where the cut would be made. And no matter how tough a material might be to handle, you do not have to start with a rough cut and then make multiple cuts to obtain your results. In such a situation you might normally need multiple saws, say a circular saw first and then a table saw. But with a plunge saw, all it takes is just one cut. So if you something that is as convenient as a table saw but can also handle a heavier job than the table saw then a plunge saw is the answer.
• Consistency- Plunge saws are particularly suitable for those who are looking for consistency in the cuts. They can make straight smooth cuts every time without requiring you to adjust the saw each time. The setup process of the plunge saws would be very simple. The depth adjustment also takes very little time.
• Nothing else makes a cut as straight as that you can make with a plunge saw. If you use a guide rail and a plunge saw, it makes a killer combination to give you the perfect professional cut. The plunge saw can easily be slotted into the guide rail and this would mean that the work piece would not move the slightest while you make the cut. The anti-slip surface on the bottom of the guide rail would ensure tight positioning. And for more professional situations there is also the option to use rail clamps to hold the guide rail in place even if a heavy material is being handled. And when this is done, all you have to do is align the guide rail along the mark where you want the cut to be made and then place the plunge saw on the mark. Then the cut is made effortlessly.
• The plunge saw can handle some of the toughest tasks like cutting the insulation on the roofs. This is a place where accuracy matters a great deal and this can be handled easily with a plunge saw.

Plunge saws allow you to work in small spaces

We know how difficult it is to handle a circular saw in a place where you have space constraint. But with a plunge saw you can manage in a small area. You do not have to worry about assigning a space for material feeding. So this makes a good option for smaller workshops. Even when you want to make small mitre cuts the plunge saw can help. So roofing is a place where the plunge saw might seem indispensable. Even the compound mitre cuts, which are known to be the toughest to handle can be easily handled with the plunge saws. And the insulation too can be cut without any mess as we have earlier seen.
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Complicated work cases can be handled

There might be cases where, after installation of a door you might notice that a little width has to be reduced to help the door fit the frame better. Or there are cases where the door height would have to be adjusted to accommodate the flooring. In both these cases a plunge saw is something that would help you out.

What are the features to look for in a plunge saw?

• Do you want a corded or a cordless plunge saw? The corded version can be used for longer duration and can handle any type of work. The power of the cordless plunge saws might be slightly less but these are useful in places where you do not find a power outlet. And without the cord you have absolute freedom when you work.
• Use a dust extraction tool to make your work even simpler. So you would get a cleaner cut and a clean workspace as well.
• Materials that can be handled by the plunge saw would depend on the power of the motor and other features. So if you find a plunge saw that can work on a variety of materials it would be a good deal.

Summary and conclusion – what to choose in 2024 yer?

The power of the motor is definitely a crucial factor to consider. But this is not the only factor to look at and decide whether the plunge saw can suit professional projects. You would also have to look at the type of blade and the blade changing mechanism as well. With professional projects you might be handling a variety of work surfaces and might need frequent blade changes. Given all the considerations, the first one on the list makes a great plunge saw worth every penny spent. And it can also handle some heavy projects with ease.