Are you a creative person? If yes, then you too share our passion for ‘DIY’ projects as well as manufacturing things on your own. One of the exciting parts is to shop for all the tools you need. But again, it is often disappointing that there is never enough information available on the internet about tools especially like the scroll saw that can be used to make some interesting designs on various materials like wood, various metals etc. It makes choosing very difficult and confusing.

This is our endeavour to provide you with the best possible information in the form of some of scroll saw reviews and much more. This can help you choose the best scroll saw for crafts in the most unprejudiced way possible.

Best Scroll Saw reviews:

Let us now have a look at some of the scroll saws taking all their details into consideration.

Look at Our List of Best Scroll Saws UK from 2024

Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1/5 2-in-1 Compact Scroll Saw

best scroll saw
Easy to set up and use
Light weight and compact
Can make precise cuts on various surfaces.
Has dual functioning, stationery for precise cuts and in-hand for large pieces
Full speed control.
Cuts wood better than metals
Blade tends to break easily while cutting metals
When looking out for a scroll saw that is compact and easy to use, this one is a good option. It takes up minimal space is very easy to set up and even easier to use. It can be called a customer friendly scroll saw. It also is small in size and takes up less space.

It is known to create detailed cuts in a variety of materials. This scroll saw comes along with different blades that are especially used to cut through different materials including wood, soft metal sheets etc.

Additionally the Dremel Moto-Saw has a detachable fret saw that is in a stationery place where you can do more precise cuttings or even use it in hand while working on larger pieces. The machine has also been designed such that it reduces the vibrations to a great extent. There are also guide rails and parallel rails to assist while making precise cuts. This scroll saw also has full variable speed control that lets you control the speed to match your movements.

FERM SSM1005 Scroll Saw

how to choose best scroll saw uk
Easy release technique allows changing of blades conveniently.
Comes with 10 different variants of blades for precise cutting.
The precise cutting is ensured by mitre/parallel guides.
Sturdy cast iron housing.
Dust blowing system gives a cleaner work place.
The machine shuts down briefly after use.
This is not your flimsy scroll saw that will shake or break, but is in fact made of robust cast iron housing. It comes with10 various blade adjustments to create different types of cuts and that too with precision. To ensure each cut is perfect and précis, it comes along with a mitre/parallel guide.

The blade adjustment is no more cumbersome with the ‘easy release’ technique used in this scroll saw. It also allows a cleaner work space with a competent dust blowing system. Overall a scroll saw that can be used at home as well as professionally.

Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw

best scroll saw reviews
Full variable speed available.
Easy changing of blades
Dust blower system along with a safety hold down clamp
Also has a flexible working light
Table tilts from 0-45 degrees allowing bevel cuts
The setting up instructions are difficult to follow
The machine is noisy to work with
The makers of this scroll saw have over a 100 year of experience in creating tools, and so you know you are in safe hands. The experience comes along with an assurance to purchase the product with confidence.

One of the biggest benefits f investing with Record power is its adjustable speed. This gives you full control over the machine and can be used at a lower speed for cutting plastic and non-ferrous metals while the high speed can be used to cut through wooden surfaces up to 50mm thick. The blades of this scroll saw are easy to change without wobbling this minimizes the time used.

Other important features to a good scroll saw are dust blowers for a cleaner work place and the safety hold down clamp, both of which are present in this one. This scroll saw also comes with an adjustable work light that you can use to add light while working and reduce the pesky shadows that hamper accurate cutting. The table also tilts from 0-45 degrees allowing bevel cuts.

Scheppach SD1600V 240 V 16-Inch Scroll Saw

best review of scroll saw for metal
Has a dust blower for a dust-free work place
Quick release blade tension knob allows easy changing of blades
The equipment can work precisely and accurately due to its almost vibration free
Accepts pin blades as well as plain end blades for functioning
Provides a variable speed of 500-1700 rpm
The price is on the higher side
This scroll saw is a great addition to a DIY enthusiast or a manufacturer. It adds value to any work station with its sturdy make and versatile utility. It has been equipped with a dust blower that blows away dust keeping the work station clean. This scroll saw has an additional quick release blade tension knob that helps to change the blades without any hassles.

The equipment is almost free of any vibrations that gives you maximum scope to work professionally and precisely. The system functions with pin blades as well as plain end blades.

Yet another amazing feature of this scroll saw is its variable speed. It ranges from 500-1700rpm allowing different speeds for working with different materials.

Einhell TC-SS 405 E 120 W Scroll Saw

best scroll saw for crafts
Solid base provides high stability
Table tilts to up to 45 degrees allowing bevel cuts and precise work
Practically noise free and vibration free
Particle blowing device removes chips and particles that help move along marked contour
Clamping lever lets the blades be changed safely and without much time wastage
It does not accept unpinned blades
The blades tend to fall off easily
When building models or creating intricate designs on wood or other non-ferrous materials, this scroll saw is a good option. It provides stability while working with its solid base. The table can also be adjusted to about 45 degrees that allows more variation and precision in work. The scroll saw is practically noise and vibration free that allows a peaceful and comfortable work place.

The electronically controlled blades provide the perfect base for accurate work. It also has a dust blow off device that blows away dust particles allowing a clean work place with more precision. It also has a particle blower that removes chips and particles that come in the way of an accurate cut.

It also has a clamping lever that helps to change the blades safely without wasting much time.

We have just seen the reviews of some the best scroll saws. This should help you decide which model of a scroll saw to purchase in. But if you are still confused about the features to look out for or the one’s you can drop then read further.

Band Saw Vs Scroll Saw

So you have finally decided on buying a scroll saw and are looking at options in the model variations. But if you still have that nagging feeling that perhaps a band saw should still be considered, we will clear the doubts for you.

Most of the confusions begin with, when does one use the band saw and when does the scroll saw come into use. This confusion is obvious given their similarities. So let us clear that out for you:

professional scroll saw

When does one use a scroll saw?

A scroll saw can be most precisely being known as ‘speciality saw’. This is one of the primary differences that a scroll saw is used in when doing a speciality work. The scroll saw is capable of performing a wide range of functions including clean and intricate cuts that it is really good at.

Any wood worker who is good at his job is serious about his work will almost always have a scroll saw at his work place. The ones who have taken any wood work classes would have most probably used a scroll saw.

When a person needs to cut wood in neat and precise manner or to include intricate designs, it is the scroll saw that comes handy. If you see a wooden jig-saw puzzle, most often has their cool pieces created using a scroll saw. Similarly the small wooden sculptures one sees in exhibitions and craft stores are also have their intricate designs created using scroll saws.

Another advantage of a scroll saw is that it is mostly portable and handy to use. You can use it to make accurate cuts according to the contours you desire. Also the cuts created using a scroll saw are most often so clean that sanding them is practically not required at all.

Though there may be variations, commonly a scroll saw comes with a foot pedal which is used to operate the motor; this leaves the hands free to handle the equipment and wood. This improves the scope for precision and accurate cuts.

When does one use a Band Saw?

Band saws are always confused with scroll saws because of their similarity. While no doubt both of them are similar, but they do have some differences. Band saw is also a type of speciality saw, but it is not as versatile as a scroll saw. Its range of performance is far lesser when compared.

A band saw can be purchased by both a professional wood worker as well as a hobbyist. Despite its limited usage, a band saw is still fairly useful in creating common as well as speciality cuts.

However, a band saw can be adjusted vertically they can be used to cut through much larger or thicker materials like a large block of wood. It is not able to cut and create intricate, but it is excellent since it comes with different types of widths and tooth styles. These options allow some amount of variations when it comes to intricate designs.

The best feature of a band saw is the speed at which you can cut through various angles. So if you have to cut through many odd angels you can do it faster and more precisely using a band saw.

Things to look for in a Scroll Saw

So if you have finally decided on buying a scroll saw, then make sure it has the following features:

• Variable Speed: This is essential, as different materials require the equipment to move at different speeds for optimum cutting.
• Blade tensioning system: This needs to be the best, you don’t want to put your safety at risk with a wobbly blade that comes off easily
• Table Tilts: It is better if the table is able to tilt a little, perhaps say up to 45 degrees, as this provides a better scope for different types of cuts.
• Dust blowers: You do not want dust particles accumulating between the cuts and also the work place appears cleaner this way.
• Low maintenance: More maintenance means more expenses.

Conclusion – What to choose in 2024 year?

So, we have just read some options in the best scroll saw UK. The variants are good options as scroll saws for beginners as well as professional scroll saws. We also got to know the exact difference between the band saw and a scroll saw. The various features to look out for while buying a scroll saw are highlighted as well.

From all the options that were reviewed the best scroll saw of them all in our opinion is the Record Power SS16V Scroll Saw 16-inch. Not only is it a scroll saw 16 inch which is the desired kind but it has all the features one looks out for in a good scroll saw. Additionally it is a high power motor of 240 volts. And also has a flexible light to highlight the intricate cuts being made and avoiding the shadows.

It is a sturdy machine that also comes with good warranty. It is worth the money.