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by | Jan 17, 2023 | Hand Tools

If you have no idea how to choose the best tool for cutting porcelain tile, then here is a quick guide and the 2024 ranking!

Porcelain may seem like a sturdy and robust material. Unfortunately, if you try to cut it without the proper knowledge or without the adequate equipment, you can find yourself in a situation where more tiles will be damaged than cut and prepared for installing. As a result, it is important to know how to pick the best tile cutter for porcelain tiles – either the manual one or powered by electricity.

Sadly, the market is filled with a wide range of producers that create items that may shock us with their poor durability and quality. For this reason, people don’t know whether it is better to look for a manual tile cutter porcelain, which is a very budget-friendly option, or try to find a recommended automated option. To help you pick the nicest cutter out there, we prepared the ranking of five products.

While choosing the best tool for cutting porcelain tile, we took into account a wide range of products – both manual and electric ones. We placed a lot of emphasis on such elements as cutting parameters, the durability of the product, and their accuracy. Also, another important thing to consider was the comfort of use and the price!

The best tile cutter for porcelain you can currently buy and the winner of today’s list is Sfeomi Manual Tile Cutter 1000MM

• Very high precision; • Incredibly comfortable to use; • Great cutting parameters; • Easy to transport and use.
• Manual tile cutter; • Quite high cost for a manual tile cutter.

If we don’t mind spending our hard-earned money on a manual cutter, then you should surely think about one of the most efficient and one of the most accurate options available on the market, namely the tile cutter by Sfeomi. The product guarantees a maximum cutting length that is 1000 mm, which is surely more than enough for most of the work.

In terms of other parameters we should remember about cutting thickness that is from 6 up to 15 mm, which is once again quite a large thickness range and suits most of the tiles we may buy and wish to install. Another important positive side of this product is its rubber sponge that is 10 mm and it improves the quality and comfort of the product.

To make sure that we are dealing here with a very accurate device, the authors applied an infrared ray device. When combined with a linear bearing block, we have great accuracy of cuts. Interestingly, the handle is made of anti-skid rubber. As a result, we don’t have to worry about uncomfortable use of the product.

The only disadvantage one can see is its manual operation. However, thanks to that, it is pretty light when compared to electric cutters. Still, it costs quite a lot and is recommended for professional use in most cases.

If you look for another manual option, then make sure to familiarize yourself with Total Pro 120cm Heavy Duty Manual Tile Cutter

• Great precision of cuts; • Incredibly large cutting width; • Possibility to cut in angles; • High quality finishing.
• Incredibly expensive for a manual tile cutter; • Much slower operation than in the case of electric ones.

This particular device is one of the best if not the best tile cutter for porcelain tiles in terms of maximum cutting length. With 1200 mm width, we can use it in almost every situation and cut a porcelain tile in no time. The option is especially recommended if we are to cut gigantic tiles – up to 120 x 120 cm!

The product was made of carbon steel, and as a result we can enjoy the highest quality finishing and assurance that even after years of use the option will cut all the porcelain and ceramic tiles smoothly – without any efforts whatsoever. What is more, this manual tile cutter for porcelain is quite accurate because of the introduction of an infrared device.

To make things even more comfortable in use, the handle is covered with a non-slip rubber handle. Its ergonomic design made the tool one of the best tile cutter alternatives available on the market. All of that just to make sure that we can enjoy an easy to transport device with great performance and accuracy at the highest level possible.

If you are not interested in a manual option, then make sure you take a closer look at Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter with Water Cooling System

• Electric use – very rapid cutting; • Water cooling system for dust-free work and prolonged durability; • The possibility to cut at a fixed 45 degrees.
Workbench cannot be tilted in a way chosen by us.

Relatively low price and the possibility to cut tiles of a moderate size? Einhell provides you with a powerful engine and a diamond blade that is at the same time cooled with water for increased durability and the possibility to work for quite a long time without breaks.

The option is fitted with a bench that has 330 mm x 360 mm size. Though it is not the largest working table available, it is perfectly fine for amateur projects as well as semi-professional cutting. Another thing to note is the installation of a water cooling system. Thanks to that, we don’t have to worry about dust or blade getting overheated. However, the liquid container is relatively small. As a result, we have to remember about filling it up again quite frequently.

Another feature that makes the product quite an interesting solution is the introduction of a 45 degree stop, thanks to which it is possible to make precise cuts at the given angle. Sadly, this doesn’t allow us to tilt in order to obtain a perfectly matched angle.

Another option that seems to be great for quick and not demanding projects is Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W

• Water tank is easy to access; • No dust operation; • Blade made of diamond; • The possibility to cut in 22.5 and 45 degrees angles.
• Only two fixed positions; • Relatively poor cutting parameters.

The wattage at the level of 550 W provides us with more than enough power to cut through many different materials, including ceramic and porcelain. The product does not distinguish from its competition by its maximum depth of cut, but it is still a great option because of the quick and easy to operate system with great accuracy.

The product by Plasplugs allows us to cut through tiles that are up to 3 cm deep. What is more, we should remember that the motor is hi-torque and, as a result, we do not have to worry about troubles in cutting through materials. Another advantage of using this electric tile cutter is the introduction of two fixed angle cuts – 22.5 and 45 degrees.

As far as the cutting blade is concerned, it is made of diamond and thanks to the water cooling system, it stays at the appropriate temperature for the entire time. Also, the tank itself is easily accessible and, therefore, we can fill it up quite easily. Sadly, there are only two fixed positions for the mitres to be set.

The last but surely not least interesting option that we wish to present is RUBI TS-60-PLUS 16960

RUBI TS 60 PLUS 16960
• High performance manual tile cutter; • Incredibly durable; • Massive separator power; • The highest quality finishing.
• Incredibly heavy; • Quite expensive.

This is yet another manual tile cutter. However, because of its high quality construction, it is quite often used by professionals. The product weighs 15 kilos, which is extremely high value not only for a manual cutter. Even electrically operated tools weigh less than that. We have to remember that this is due to the fact RUBI TS 40 Plus offers us 750 kg separator power, which is one of the main reasons behind its high performance.

The product allows us to cut tiles that are 15 mm height. Although the maximum cutting length is a bit lower than in the case of two other manual tile cutters presented in the ranking, it is still more than any other electric tool at the similar price.

Another thing we need to remember about is a lateral stop that allows us to make either straight or 45 degree cuts. In terms of quality, the entire cutter is chromed and thanks to the introduction of rectified steel guides that were additionally secured against corrosion, we don’t need to worry about its durability.

If you want to pick the best tile cutter, then make sure you read the following guide!

Tile cutters are quite diverse and it is hard to indicate the perfect device, especially if we don’t know much about cutting porcelain or ceramic tiles. Obviously, we need to equip ourselves with a sturdy and reliable machine that will allow us to work as smoothly as it is possible. To do this, we have to either choose a product from the ranking or find a perfect product on our own.

If you are not sure of the five items we presented up above, there is nothing standing on your way to look for your own ideal tool. But to do that, you have to familiarize yourself with all the attributes and key factors that may influence the final operation of the product. This is why make sure that you pay attention to cutting parameters. Another thing to consider is the power or in the case of manual tile cutters, the maximum force of the cut.

Obviously, we should bear in mind such elements as weight of the product and its size, regulatory features and other functionalities, and the durability of the product itself. Only then will you be able to choose the most appropriate device that will be perfectly suited for your job. You can always see the article below for more information:

Remember about reliability

If you look for a product, then you surely want it to last at least several years. Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to find a brand that produces power tools or hand tools that can withstand the trial of time. Sadly, it is better to produce more for less than make one and sturdy option. Still, you don’t have to replace tile cutters every year or so, because there are still products that last for at least 3-4 years.

The first thing that indicates we are dealing with a highly durable option is its construction. Solid steel rail is the first thing we should take into account, especially when we talk about manual cutters. Besides that, we should also remember about the handle that is covered with a special, non-slip rubber, which is not going to stick to a hand and detach from the handle after a few months.

Another thing that indicates reliability of the product is its warranty. Quite often we deal with producers that guarantee 1-year protection. Sadly, that’s not enough. Look for those makers that give you at least 2 years of standard warranty and the possibility to purchase additional insurance.

Sfeomi Manual Tile Cutter 1000MM

best tile cutter

Cutting parameters – how large tiles can you cut?

If we are going to cut small tiles, then we don’t have to worry about this particular section. Nonetheless, the situation gets a bit more relevant in the case of more demanding projects. If we are about to cut huge ceramic or porcelain tile, then we better have a product that can do that without any troubles whatsoever.

For this reason we should think about purchasing cutters that have great cutting parameters – not only in terms of the depth, but also in terms of the entire size of the tile. There are huge, 120 cm tiles available. In such a situation, you will not be able to cut it with an electric wet tile cutter because their entire workbenches are three times smaller than the tile itself!

Total Pro 120cm Heavy Duty Manual Tile Cutter

tile cutter

That is why think about your future jobs and either choose two different tools or think about the most universal solution that will let you cut through small tiles as efficiently as in the case of larger ones.

Performance is incredibly important

The thicker the tile, the more difficult it gets to cut it without damaging the surface. That is why performance of the product plays a crucial role while picking the ideal tile cutter. Obviously, we need to remember that the performance can be verified in many different ways. For example, electric wet tile cutters should have very powerful engines – at least 600 W of power. Thanks to that, we are not going to have troubles with overheating or short duty cycles.

Another way of determining the performance of the cutter is checking its maximum separator power that is given in kilograms or pounds. It basically shows us the total force with which the cutter can cut the tile. The higher it is, the better. The most powerful ones offer such a performance at the level of 700 kg (1600 lb).

RUBI TS-60-PLUS 16960

best manual tile cutter porcelain

Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter

best tool for cutting porcelain tile

Obviously, remember about the comfort and functionalities

Rubber cover of the handle that makes the grip steady is something obvious. Yet not every producer remembers about such a simple but at the same time crucial element. It improves the comfort of using the tool, especially if we are to cut many tiles in a very short period of time. Comfort and additional functions make the product much more interesting and attractive in use, and therefore we should remember about that.

Besides the right design of the handle, we should also remember about a number of other additions that make the item more comfortable in use. For example, a very simple access to a water reservoir in the case of electric tile cutters is a must. If it’s small, then we will have to refill it quite often. Simple detachment and surely very desirable.

What is the price for the product?

Though it seems like not a very important thing to consider, we should always think about the price of the product, especially if we want to purchase a universal tile cutter that will be great in every situation there is. Obviously, the price can differ quite massively, but it is widely accepted that manual cutters can be acquired in a lower price range.

If; however, we look for professional tools, then even manual products are quite expensive. That is why the first thing you need to do is to specify the type of type and the size of tiles you are going to cut. Thanks to that, you can adjust the budget to your demands. Another thing to consider is the number of accessories and other extras included in the kit. Sometimes it is possible to find a product that has a lot of additional equipment ready for use.

Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W

manual tile cutter porcelain

Summary and conclusion – best tile cutter for porcelain in UK 2024

It is surely difficult to choose the best tile cutter for porcelain, since everyone has different goals and different expectations. However, if you look closely and take into account all the parameters and attributes described in the purchasing guide up above, you will be able to browse through hundreds of cutters and pick the one that suits your demands.

Obviously, you can always look at the list of reviewed products and choose one of them. Sfeomi Manual Tile Cutter 1000MM, which is the winner of today’s ranking, guarantees great performance and great cutting parameters. Though it is a manual cutter, you will be able to use it almost everywhere because of its relatively compact size.

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