What is the best wet tile cutter uk you can currently buy? Learn more about these tools and see the wet tile cutter reviews 2024!

Every time we wish to replace old ceramic tiles with new ones, we have to hire professionals who can not only lay them in a professional way, but also adjust some of the tiles for edges and for irregular corridors, bathrooms, or kitchen floors. All these things make tile installing quite a demanding task. This is why you need to equip yourself in a wet ceramic tile cutter – just to hasten the entire process and make it easier.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say which option is better, especially if our knowledge regarding these tools is quite limited. There are dozens of different parameters and attributes one should take into account. For this reason, we prepared a ranking of the best wet tile cutter tools you can actually buy at a reasonable price.

The list consists of five great products that can boast with above-average performance. What is more, we placed emphasis on the wattage of the machine, how adjustable the work table is, and what can we say about the accuracy and the precision of cuts. Obviously, we also remembered about the cooling system and the size of the working table.

The best wet tile cutter uk offers is surely Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter 600W

• Adjustable work table;
• Powerful, water cooled motor;
• Great maximum cutting depth;
• Highly precise.
• Very limited amount of additional accessories.

Excel offers us an extraordinary product with a great cutting blade and a water cooling system. One of the best things related to this option is its universal use and relatively compact size. Obviously, we should remember about the quite versatile 180 mm blade made of diamond.

When it comes to parameters, we should surely remember about the working modes and the maximum no-load speed. In this case, we have 10 minutes in S2, and the RPMs are at the level of 2950. These numbers indicate an average efficiency. The thing that makes the option quite interesting is the maximum depth of cut at around 35 mm, which is more than most of its competition.

Also, let’s remember about the size of a table, which is 360 x 330 mm. The only disadvantage that may influence our decision on whether we should purchase the item or not is the included kit – or the lack of it. There is only one diamond blade included.

You can also find Heavy Duty 600W Electric Wet Tile Cutter an interesting enough option

• Highly adjustable;
• Waterproof protection switch;
• Can be used to cut a lot of different materials.
• Quite a problematic water container.

An alternative option comes from Cocoarm, a manufacturer that provides us with a heavy duty cutter. It offers us power at the level of 600 W, which is connected to a diamond cutting blade. Thanks to the application of a water cooling system, we can use this device at quite long intervals without worrying about overheating and damaging the blade prematurely. It is also very convenient in use and grants a set of different functionalities and regulatory options.

The product is equipped with a titlable workbench. Thanks to that, we can adjust the degree of the table to the desirable level. Because of that, we can set the machine to work smoothly and in a way we like the most. Obviously, we should remember about its wide application – thanks to highly durable material, it allows us to cut through tiles made of marble, jade, or simply wood.

In terms of cutting parameters, we should surely remember about maximum cutting depths at 90 degrees and 45 degrees. It is 33 mm and 21 mm respectively. Features that will definitely appeal to our taste is the introduction of a waterproof protection switch that reduces the risk of accidents. Sadly, users seem to have a problem with emptying and filling up the water container.

What is more, T-Mech electric wet tile cutter offers a lot of attractive features 

• Highly universal;
• Sturdy design;
• Cheap wet tile cutter.
• Too flexible guide resulting in poor precision.

If we look for a stable product that is at the same time budget-friendly, then we should definitely take a closer look at the offer prepared by T-Mech. The electric tile cutter that they offer is quite precise and guarantees a dust-free cutting thanks to the introduction of a water cooling system that keeps the blade wet and, as a result of that, at the desirable temperature throughout the entire cutting time.

Just like the competition, the offer that we review guarantees a workbench of an average size. We should also remember about the fact that the depth of cut is at a slightly higher level than in the case of the previous tool – it is 35 mm at the 90 degree angle. Obviously, if we tilt the bench to 45 degrees, we receive a much smaller cutting depth – only 22 mm.

It is important to notice that in spite of sturdy design and the possibility to cut through many different materials, the authors didn’t focus on making sure that the accuracy of this tile cutter is of the highest level. As a result, the guide is too flexible and can cause some troubles for the inexperienced users.

Obviously, let’s also remember about Dirty Pro Tools heavy duty tile cutter

• Highly adjustable;
• Great quality to price ratio;
• Very precise thanks to parallel and bevellign guides.
• Poor quality of water reservoir.

This is yet another cheap wet tile cutter that you should think of, especially if you are going to work on basic bathroom and kitchen tiles, without any demanding projects whatsoever. Just like in other examples, the authors applied a water cooling system in order to provide users with dust free cutting and increased durability for the diamond blade.

Let’s also remember about the fact that the tilting range can be set freely thanks to the adjustable knob – it guarantees 0-45 degree tilt. Interestingly, this cutter is equipped with a bevelling guide. Together with a parallel guide, we can hope for highly precise bevel and longitudinal cutting.

As far as the parameters are concerned, the worktable is of average size, namely 330 x 360 mm. Bear in mind that the depth of cut is quite high – 35 mm at 90 degrees, which is comparable to other products available at a higher price.

The issue with this particular option is related to the water reservoir and its use. It can spill the fluid all over the place and it requires large amounts of it when cutting longer tiles.

Another option to consider? Voche® 450W Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter will surely appeal to your taste

Voche® 450W Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter
• Relatively low price;
• High quality for dry or wet cutting included;
• Quite long operation time.
• A bit low on power. 

The last but surely not the least option worth recommending comes from Voche, a manufacturer known for making reliable and well-constructed products. In this case, we are dealing with an electric wet cutter that is also equipped with a diamond blade. The option allows us to cut ceramic tiles at a very rapid pace with great precision. The reservoir contains enough liquid to cool down the blade and improve the results, making it more durable than ever.

One of the first advantages worth mentioning is obviously the price of the product. Just like the previous model this particular option prepared by Voche is relatively cheap. However, its downside is smaller wattage – only 450 W when compared to 600 W that the competition offers.

Its no load speed is; however, comparable to others because it’s at the level of 2950 RPM. Also, the maximum cutting depth is quite attractive since it is 34 mm at 90 degree angle. It is; however, a very inexpensive option with quite a lot of poor quality materials used during the production phase. Due to that, we cannot hope for a sturdy option that will last a long period of time.

Wet tile cutter reviews do not offer anything interesting? Look for something interesting on your own!

If you don’t want to pick one of the selected products, then there is nothing standing on your way to read a bunch of purchasing guides and tutorials in order to familiarize yourself with the terminology and see which parameters and attributes matter the most in a given situation. Thanks to that, you will be able to select the best wet tile cutter uk can offer. Though it is not the best way to save a lot of time and effort, thanks to that you can choose a cutter that will suit your expectations perfectly.

The first thing that we believe is important when it comes to choosing the right electric wet tile cutter is the motor and the power it provides. Another thing to consider is the cutting parameters, namely the maximum depth at two angles – 45 and 90 degrees. Obviously, in case we are dealing with a tiltable workbench.

Obviously, there are several other things to consider when it comes to picking the most appropriate wet ceramic tile cutter. For example, we should also remember about the size of the work table and the weight of the product. Surely, we should think about the comfort of use, the regulations and additional functionalities. More information can be found in this article: https://www.rubi.com/en/blog/manual-tile-cutter-vs-electric-tile-cutter/

Motor is of utmost importance

The wattage provides us with one of the most important things, which is the probable power of the tool. If it is high enough, then we can hope for a sturdy and robust engine that can work for quite a long time without any troubles whatsoever. Obviously, higher wattage means higher energy consumption. However, if we are to work with larger and more demanding projects, then this is surely something we have to consider.

Interestingly, heavy duty products need a powerful engine because thanks to that, we receive a very long duty cycle. S2 at the level of 10 minutes or more will certainly come in handy when it comes to cutting plenty of different tiles.

Heavy Duty 600W Electric Wet Tile Cutter

wet tile cutter reviews

The cutting depth and other cutting parameters

How deep do we want to cut with the purchased cutter? Will these be mostly light work that does not require from us purchasing a highly advanced device that can work smoothly even at the higher rate or with more demanding projects? The cutting parameters simply indicate how much we can do with a product that we buy.

Two crucial things we should draw our attention to is the maximum cutting depth at the 90 degree angle and the maximum cutting depth at the 45 degree angle. Quite often the authors enable workbench tilting. Because of that, it is possible to cut ceramic tiles at the angle we choose. Obviously, the higher the angle, the shallower the cut will be. That is why we have to make sure that the electric wet tile cutter we choose allows us to cut effortlessly at desirable depths at the angle that we choose.

T-Mech electric wet tile cutter

best wet tile cutter reviews

In terms of exact numbers, we should be able to make cuts that are at least 33 mm deep in the case of 90 angles. On the other hand, cuts that are 20 mm deep are the minimum we should be interested in as far as cutting at 45 angles is concerned.

Remember about the size and the weight

Size actually matters, especially if ceramic tiles we are about to cut are huge. Budget-friendly options are usually available only as small or medium machines. Because of that, their workbenches are of relatively small size as well. In other words, cutting large tiles might not be easy due to the lack of space, where we can place the tile. That is why pay attention to the size of the working table just to make sure that all the projects you are about to work on can fit at the working area.

Voche® 450W Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter

wet tile cutter

The weight of the machine is another key element worth taking into account. Some people may say that the lighter the tool, the better due to the easier transportation. However, we need to remember about stability, and one of the best ways of ensuring that is by cutting tiles on a machine that is heavy enough to withstand the force we apply without any troubles.

That is why we should think about the weight of the product in two ways – are we going to cut small tiles and light products, and therefore we don’t need better stability? Or perhaps we are going to work quite a lot on larger and thicker tiles?

Dirty Pro Tools heavy duty tile cutter

Dirty Pro Tools heavy duty tile cutter

Also, make sure to consider the functionalities

The possibility to change the tilt of the product and make a perfect cut with the angle that we really want is something worth paying extra, as far as purchasing wet tile cutters is concerned. Great regulations that allow you to pick any angle you wish and at the same time be precise thanks to the use of high quality guides makes a machine you wish to pick a perfect solution.

Obviously, functionalities do not limit to just regulations. Let’s also remember about the fact that many cutting machines use a water cooling system. Though it is quite often met in even budget productions, we have to remember about its proper construction. As a result, we will minimize the problems with water splashing. Another thing to consider is the safety precautions. Some authors decide to waterproof the power switch, thanks to which it is safe to press it even if our hands get wet somehow.

Summary and conclusion – best wet tile cutter in UK 2024

The best option that is by far the least problematic is by far Excel Electric Wet Tile Cutter 600W. This device guarantees a very simple, yet solid design that is not only sturdy, but thanks to high quality guides, it is also precise. Obviously, this particular option exceeds in terms of maximum cutting depth for 90 degree cuts.

If; however, we look for a larger or more stable option, then look at the alternatives presented in the ranking. If you don’t find these offers interesting, you can always think about looking for a perfect option by yourself. Just make sure that you take all these parameters and key factors into account!