Best Wood Chisels for All Your Woodworking

For all woodworkers, craftsmen and people who work with wood as a hobby having a set of the best wood chisels to bring out their creative best is a must. These are the tools with the help of which they can transform an ordinary piece of wood into something useful and beautiful too.

Please look at Our List of best Woodworking Chisles 2019 UK edition

Let’s review 5 of the best woodworking chisels that would be suitable for all your needs.

Stanley 016130 5002 Bevel Edge Chisel Set and Oilstone (4 Pieces)


All the chisels have a classic design based on Stanley’s Chisel series.


They are sturdy and well -built and are sure to last you for a long time


Sleek and attractive to look at with perfect finishing


Ultra- thin bevel edges provides greater accuracy


Handle has a wide butt end with a good balance


Perfect range of sizes to suit all your chiseling needs


The entire set is delivered in a stylish carry case.

Some users experienced minor manufacturing flaws

Very few customers also felt the need to sharpen brand new chisels as soon as they were received.

Designed especially for tradesmen. the Stanley Bevel Edge Chisel Set has a hardened, ground finished and alloy steel blade which has been tempered with a one piece, impact resistant, plastic handle made of polypropylene which is blue in color. To cater for rust prevention the blade is lacquered. also, all the chisels are covered with blade guards for protection and safety. All the 4 wood chisels are made in a similar manner and are a delight to use because they are an excellent combination of design and quality.

Rolson 56159 Wood Chisel Set – 4 Pieces


Price is very reasonable and the product is value for money


good to use for light work


Easy and simple to use


Very fast charger


Handles have a fairly good grip.

The set is very basic and is suitable only for regular use. Not suitable for heavy duty work.

Blades are not very sharp and definitely need to be sharpened before use

Many users were not happy with the overall quality of the set

Some users also felt that the chisels were flimsy

Prone to getting rusted very quickly

This 4- piece Wood Chisel set has high-quality precision blades that are drop forged and heat treated to get tough and strong blades. The impact resistance plastic handles have a good grip and extremely comfortable to use. The chisels are available in 4 sizes which are 6, 12, 19 and 25 mm. All the chisels are or superior quality and are rated as being of high and diligent standards.

VonHaus 10pc Professional Wood Carving Chisel Set with Honing Guide,
Sharpening Stone & Storage Case


Good quality wood chisels which can be used for a wide variety of purposes.


Value for money as it is a complete set and you don’t need to buy any chisel or accessory separately.


Very good for carving intricate objects especially for hobbyists who need to do a lot of fine detailing.

Some users felt the blades were not sharp enough and had to be sharpened before use.

Some felt it was only good for domestic use as the sharpening quality was not good enough for professional use.

This is a complete 10-piece set which comprises of an 8-piece wood carving chisel set, a honing guide, an effective aluminum oxide sharpening stone and a really smart and compact blow molded plastic storage case which will keep all the contents neatly in place.

The vanadium chrome steel alloy blades are heat treated with slim side bevels which are ideal for both domestic as well as professional use.

Draper Expert 88605 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set


Both the blades and the handles are of the top -most quality


The blades are corrosion free and really last a long time without losing their sharpness.


The quality of the storage case is also very good and much appreciated by several users.


Good for both amateurs as well as professional woodworkers

Some users were unhappy with the honing tool as it had no markings on it. They felt that honing the chisels before using was required as well.

Others felt the honing attachment was not of a good quality and did not fit well.

This chisel set comprises of 6 chisels with varying blade widths of 6, 12, 20, 26, 32 and 38mm, a honing guide and an aluminum oxide sharpening stone. All the chisels included have full-length blades which are strong and easy to use too. Manufactured from steel the chisels are hardened and tempered. For protection against corrosion, they have a clear lacquer coating. to make your grip firm the handles are made from polypropylene. The handles have a soft grip and are impact resistant too.

Irwin Marples M373 Split proof Bevel Edge Chisel Set 6


Irwin Marple’s is a respected trade brand and have a good reputation in this field


The quality of all the chisels is consistent


The chisels have good edge keeping

The blades are not very versatile

Lack of blade types

Some users also had issues with the build quality

The Irwin Marple’s Split proof bevel edge wood chisels are ideal for rough use. They are also good to use for hard and tough carving as they have split proof handles. The steel used for making the blades is of a very good quality as they have improved sharpness. Another important feature of these chisels is that the blades of the chisel are created from a single steel piece with the edges beveled to allow ease or work even in deep corners. The chisels are put together with two -tone plastic handles which are split proof to withstand the heaviest of usage. For added control, the handle is contoured as well.

Why are Best Chisels For Wood Needed?

Different types of wood chisels are used for different purposes. The reason they are available in different sizes is also the same.

  • Extra -large wood chisels– The extra- large wood chisels are really sturdy and very tough. They are mostly used for roughing out the main structure and shape of the piece of wood being worked on to get it into a manageable form.
  • Large wood chisels– Large chisels as the name also indicates are big enough to help the woodworker to be able to do away with large and big portions of wood to reach the more workable part if the piece to give it a basic and workable form.
  • Medium-Wood Chisels– Medium wood chisels are the chisels which are used to most of the shaping work and they are the most used size of chisels. They are extensively used for detailing of the art form or the item that is being made.
  • Small Wood Chisels– Edged with narrow tipped blades, small chisels are used in the final stages of work when fine detailing is required. While working on the last and final details it is important to use tools which can aid the finishing process in a precise and accurate way. Small chisels are meant for that.

How to choose the Best Wood working Chisel?

For most woodworkers who do a lot of carpentry work and working with wood art, a general -purpose wood chisel set in different sizes of quarter, half, three-quarter and one- inch width is the most useful set. Choosing the best chisels for wood is important to be able to do good work.

Design- Good wood chisels have a design that usually has a relatively long blade which has a flat bottom surface, For that perfect finish they also have angled corners along the top edges. These type of chisel sets are very handy for cutting of woodworking joints, creating hinge pockets and other similar work.

Easy to use- Wood Chisels also need to be easy to hold and work with. They shouldn’t be too long or short. Easy to hold chisels are well suited to do all kinds of tough as well as fine work.

Quality- If a chisel is not tough and well – made it is impossible to work with it. It has to be hard enough to hold on to an edge and the same time not so hard that it becomes brittle. Check out some of the best wood chisel reviews the UK to choose the best chisels for wood to help you in making your choice.

best wood chisels reviews

How to use a Wood Chisel

When you need to carve out a small recess for fixing a hinge or you want to do some fine detailing in your block of wood to carve out an intricate shape nothing can substitute for a razor-sharp chisel. Wood chisels are basically used to shave off rough surfaces to chop out corners, cut mortises and scrape of extra glue after sticking together pieces of wood. get the most of your wood chisel set by using these important and valuable techniques. These basic chiseling techniques and sharpening tips can help you get some great and satisfying results.

  • Paring Cuts

To flatten the bottom of open recesses, pare thin slices of wood. For this, you need to keep the back of the chisel flat on the wood surface. Pivot the chisel for easier slicing when you want to move the blade in an arc.

  • Mortise Cuts

To remove thin slices, face the bevel down and push or tap the back of the chisel. The depth of the cut can be controlled by gently raising or lowering the chisel handle.

  • Chopping Cuts

This cut is basically used to remove large chunks of wood and this usually cannot be done in one go. You need to remove small amounts of the wood with each cut, Use a hammer to strike the chisel and chop the pieces into half inch pieces. repeat this step as many times as needed till you are able to chop off the unwanted parts.

  • Scraping

Wood chisels also do a great job when it comes to scraping off glue or removing imperfect and protruding parts by simply holding the blade at a right angle to the part which needs to be scraped with the back of the chisel facing you. For scraping, the edge of you blade of your wood chisel needs to have a perfectly flat, sharp edge. The tip should be sharp enough to be able to scrape cleanly without damaging the wood in any way.

Conclusion what is best option in 2019

After reviewing 5 of the top rated and Best Wood working Chisels UK, the Stanley 016130 5002 Bevel Edge Chisel Set and Oilstone (4 Pieces) is the clear winner of them all. It is one of the best products to use for all your wood working needs and is one of the most popular sets available in the market today. It fulfills all the requirements of good design, quality and also comes in different sizes that are most often used during woodworking of all kinds. This set would be useful for both beginners as well as professional woodworkers. They also are the best wood work chisels for money as well.

Best Wood Chisels for All Your Woodworking in UK 2019 – Reviews
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