Gross! How To Get Rid Of Millipedes In Your Home (Naturally & Permanently)

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Did you know that there are no known species of millipede that has 1000 legs?

My guess is that the first person who discovered a millipede got tired of counting and picked any old number.

Most of the common species of millipede have between 30 and 120 legs. Grouped into pairs that is 15 to 60 on each side of their body.

Can you picture that. 60 pairs of little legs crawling everywhere around your home?


Well that is why in this article we are going to look at how you can get rid of any millipede problem you might have, naturally and permanently.

First lets start with recognising the problem

How Do I Identify If I Have Millipedes In My Home?

If you are really interested in millipedes then the below video is an incredibly in-depth look at them.

But for those of us who just want to know if we have millipedes or not the answer is simple:

You will see them.

Millipedes do not leave behind any slime trails like slugs, or visible droppings like rats and mice. And millipedes wont leave angry bite marks on your and your pets like mites do.

The only way you will know you have millipedes is when you see them. You will find them most often in your garden in the dark wet soily areas. But if your house has anything that resembles the outside (perhaps you have a leak or rising damp) then that should be your first port of call.

Why Do I Have Millipedes In My House?

As mentioned above. Millipedes like the dark and millipedes like the damp. They also vastly prefer the outdoors and to roam in the grass and soil.

However with these crazy hot summers we have been getting recently (climate change yay!) the millipedes preferred roaming ground is regularly getting too hot and too dry for them.

Once this occurs they seek alternative places to call their home. If they deem your home to be suitable then that is where they will head.

If you find you have millipedes in your home – and I mean millipedes not millipede – if you find you have multiple of the little critters then it means that you have some areas of damp within your property. Something like standing water, a running leak, rising damp.

The millipedes are drawn to this water and will congregate there and shelter in nearby dark areas (look under cupboards or boxes).

How Can I Get Rid Of Millipedes?

Getting rid of millipedes is the easy part. All you need is a hoover or a dust pan and brush.

DO NOT STAND ON THEM – They stink and cause a great mess when you squish them.

As mentioned earlier millipedes are quite big creatures and will be located near to a damp place. So unless this damp place is inaccessible to you the act of getting rid of the millipedes is simple. Just turn on your hoover and suck all the little fellas up. Make sure you look in every corner of the room and underneath all objects (cupboards especially).

Dispose of the hoover bag far away from your property and bob’s your uncle.

If you cannot reach where the millipedes have chosen to hang about then alternatively you can try a natural pest spray (like you would use to keep them off your plants in the garden)

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How Do I Prevent Millipedes From Coming Back?

The million pound question.

If getting rid of them is the easy part. Then preventing them from coming back is the hard part.

To prevent millipede return you must follow these steps:

Remove the water source – Ideally there shouldn’t be any water in your house that doesn’t come out of your tap or shower. If you have millipedes it means you have water ingress. Find out where and remedy the issue (you should do this anyway as water in your house is never good)

Fix the point of entry – How did they get in? Is there a hole in your wall? a gap in your door perhaps? Did they shimmy across the roof on a zip line and sneak past your armed guards and lasers? However they got in make sure you patch it up.

Make your garden less appealing – Millipedes prefer the outdoors, they will only come inside when conditions outside become inhospitable. Most often they are going to take the quickest route, that means from your garden into your house. If you don’t have any in your garden though then there is less chance any will make the trek to get in your house. Do this by keeping your grass short, remove any standing water and use natural pesticides on your plantlife.

Getting Rid Of Millipedes – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get rid of millipedes? – The fastest way to kill a millipede is with a spray of insecticide right to the face. If you have more than one millipede that is also no problem as long as you have enough spray left in your can. This method of course is often not natural and most insecticides have a lot of nasty ingredients in them so may not be suitable in all homes.

Will Millipedes go away on their own? – Millipedes live for around 3 weeks, in that time they want to eat, drink, sleep and mate. If your home provides all of these conditions then you will have a continuous millipede problem. They will not go away on their own. If however a millipede has just wandered in off the street and doesn’t get what it needs then the problem will fix itself. Check your home to see if you are a millipede playground or millipede funeral home.

Can essential oils keep millipedes away? – Sure essential oils have been known to work if you are looking for an all natural way to get rid of millipedes. Tea tree oil and lavender are reported to be the best however they may be less effective than other insecticides.

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