Website For Sale – Made £1050.25 ($1335.95) in 2023

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What’s for sale?

7 year old domain name ( registered until July ’24

All files, content and 153 posts on

Please contact & for further enquiries. £4500 ONO.

Why you should buy this website

Effortless Revenue Generation: One of the most compelling reasons to acquire this website is its ability to generate revenue with minimal effort. Despite the owner not having posted new content since May 2023, the site has continued to earn income. This is a testament to the robustness of the website’s revenue-generating mechanisms, providing a passive income stream to the new owner from day one.

Untapped SEO Potential: Currently, the site receives little to no traffic from Google, presenting a massive opportunity for the buyer. This isn’t a drawback but a golden chance for growth. With no existing SEO optimization, the site is a blank canvas for someone with the knowledge or willingness to invest in search engine optimization. The potential for organic growth is enormous, and the right strategies could unlock significant increases in traffic and, by extension, revenue.

Transition to higher paying networks: The website is currently monetized through Google AdSense and Amazon Associates, providing a steady, effortless revenue stream with minimal owner intervention. However, the true potential lies in the opportunity to significantly enhance earnings by transitioning to higher paying ad networks such as Ezoic, which offers advanced optimization to increase ad revenue, and exploring private affiliate deals that often yield higher commission rates than standard programs. This shift not only promises a substantial uptick in income but also opens the door to a broader diversification of revenue sources, positioning the new owner to capitalize on untapped growth and profitability avenues.

Key Selling Points:

  • Passive Income: The site’s ability to generate income without ongoing work is a significant advantage for any buyer looking for an investment that doesn’t require daily attention.
  • Massive Growth Opportunity: The absence of Google traffic is not a liability but a clear opportunity for explosive growth. The buyer has a unique chance to implement SEO strategies and content marketing to attract a vast, untapped audience.
  • Ready for Expansion: With the foundational work already done, the site is poised for a new owner to take it to the next level. Whether through SEO, content development, or social media marketing, the potential for scaling up is immense.

Site History

Site was registered 21st July 2017 (*/

Current owner took possession in June 2023, since then the site has generated £1699.91 in revenue from Amazon associates and Google AdSense. All content on site prior to this acquisition was created manually by the previous owner, content created thereafter was partially created using LLM tools.

Traffic (Screenshots at end of post)

sessions 2

January 2024 – 955

Earnings (Screenshots at end of post)

revenue 6

January 2024 – Adsense: £6.01, Amazon £60.01


Interested parties should contact &

ONO £4500

Payment to be made by Escrow (Buyer pays fees) or via bank transfer subject to identity and address verification.


January Amazon Revenue
image 1
January AdSense Revenue
image 2
January Analytics

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