Beko Dishwashers Fault – Not Cleaning Dishes?

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Yeah that’s right a Dishwasher that does not clean dishes. Surely that is the entire reason you buy a dishwasher? Alan and Alyson thought so.

Both customers of Beko, they took ownership of their new Beko brand dishwashers and quickly found out that all was not as it should be, and as we have spoken about before the customer service at Beko is a nightmare to deal with.

Alan and Alyson are not alone in their complaints.

Unclean dishes is just the beginning of the issues with this range of appliance.

Beko dishwashers leaking.

Broken dishwasher pumps.

Doors opening, machines not turning on, machines not turning off.

All of these are regular complaints from customers about Beko and their dishwashers.

Even the pros dislike the products because they send out the wrong parts.

Incorrect drilling template

I’m a kitchen fitter of 20 years. Their drilling template is wrong for their 45cm dishwasher. Spend a bit more money on Neff Bosch siemens or Miele…

In this article today we are going to look at some of the main issues that are being reporting about this brand of appliance and then looking at how you as a customer can resolve the issue.

Beko Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

Let’s start with the most egregious issue. A dishwasher that does not clean dishes.

Here are what customers are reporting about this issue

This dishwasher is absolutely a piece of junk

This dishwasher is absolutely a piece of junk, it cannot clean dishes at all

I have had problems with the dishwasher…

I have had problems with the dishwasher from the beginning, mainly the compartment for the tablet does not close properly you can spend sometime trying to get it closed and once you close the door it pops straight open again so your dishes are not as clean as they should be. Customer service is terrible I spent 45 mins trying to get through a couple of weeks ago, gave up and emailed – no response I have tried again today after another 45 minutes I have finally got through – after trying to sell me insurance I have an engineering looking at it next week.

If I purchased again I would spend more, the washer feels small, the dials are awkward and difficult to see

So yeah it seems like there is an issue with Beko dishwasher that is causing a great number of them to be unable to properly clean dishes.

The first review did not look to expand on why the dishwasher was not cleaning dishes, most likely because they did not know. It is not the customer’s job after all to be a dishwasher expert, when you buy an appliance like that you expect it to do what it says it will do.

Like buying a fridge that doesn’t keep cool – Oh wait Beko actually sells those as well.

But back to dishwashers. The second reviewer appears to have done some legwork into the issue and knows that the issue is with a faulty tablet compartment. Unfortunately Beko customer service being what it is has not provided the customer with a resolution.

So let’s see what can be done if you face this, or similar, issue.

How To Fix Dishes Not Getting Cleaned

Let’s look at the steps you should take when you face this issue:

  1. Clean the interior. Put 2 or 3 cups of vinegar into the bottom of the machine and run the cycle. If the interior is still dirty or if there is still some stubborn grime try using this dishwasher cleaning agent.
  2. Clean the filters. Find out where your filter is by reading your instruction manual (tip: google your model number to find an online copy) and take it apart and give it a good soak and scrub in your sink.
  3. Ensure you have hot enough water when running the cycle
  4. Contact Beko. If you have performed the above 3 tasks and the appliance is still not cleaning dishes then there is likely a problem with the machine itself that requires an engineer. Read our post on the best way to contact Beko [and get a resolution] here. If you are unable to convince Beko to repair the machine then continue on.
  5. Check for cracks, jams or broken springs in the detergent drawer. If you find an issue you can google the part number to see if it can be delivered and replaced
  6. Ensure the spray arm (the spinning water sprinkler looking thing) can spin and is not clogged or broken. Again if it is you can google the part number to see if it can be delivered and replaced.
  7. Check the inlet and outlet pipes for leaks and blockages. If the water is unable to enter or leave it will leave dishes not getting a full clean (and could result in dirty water being sent around the machine)

Beko Dishwasher On Fire!?

Yeah I’m not going to speculate on this one. If this happens to you call the fire brigade. Ask them to investigate the cause. And then…

Complain to Beko AND file a complaint with Trading Standards!

Leaking Beko Dishwasher

Water ingress is one of the biggest cause of mold in homes, the other is leaking appliances. As homeowners there is already enough maintenance required just to keep your home from falling apart. Is it too much to ask that manufacturers like Beko don’t add to this stress with their machines leaking all over.

Here’s what some customers had to say about this.

Repeat problems with new dishwasher

I have had Beko products in the past and they have been good, however purchased a replacement dishwasher as we were moving house and this as not been a positive experience. The kick board would not stay in place and the dishwasher soon began to leak, a engineer called and ordered a new part, when it arrived it was the wrong part and would not fit. the engineer found some screw missing and replaced them and said it would be ok. Within two days it was leaking again – although he seemed to have sorted the kick board! Another engineer called said the machine had more than likely been damaged in transport as the door did not fit correctly and asked for it to be replaced (only had it 6 weeks!!) Second machine is now in place but I am waiting for an engineer to visit – guess what the kick board will not stay in place. Not the best experience and now unlikely to purchase Beko products again

Dishwasher leaked on first use

Dishwasher leaked on first use. Was replaced and replacement had the same fault.

Shocking company and products

Where do I start? We bought a Beko dishwasher for £400 The dishwasher leaked from the base and it took two and a half hours to get through to Beko support. Whilst speaking with them, the chap on the phone misled me by selling me a Domestic & General agreement and that this would get me a faster repair. The dishwasher was just over a month old but we had only just started using it due to decorating. The engineer arrived and he did not seem to know what he was doing and said he had never come across this problem before and must be a manufacturing fault, He said it would be stressful process for me now and could take some time to resolve. To be honest he could not get away quick enough. I called Domestic & General who advised me I had been sold accidental damage and they could not do anything as it was still under the manufacturers guarantee. D & G we’re great and cancelled the agreement. Beko should recall dodgy products like this and we will never buy Beko again. Appalling products, cheap and flimsy, terrible after sales. We have just wasted £400 by using Beko and have had to buy another different brand machine as the leak is so bad it would have caused damage left this way. Very, very unhappy with Beko and will never again buy this brand – I would advise anyone to avoid like the plague!

Ok so this doesn’t sound great. Straight off the line dishwashers are not supposed to leak. Both the manufacturer and the retailer are supposed to perform test runs before selling them to you.

How To Fix A Leaking Dishwasher

Firstly if your dishwasher is leaking and it is brand new then you should not need to fix it. File a complaint with both the retailer and with Beko.

If you are out of warranty or having a hard time getting Beko to do anything then here are some steps you can follow:

Isolate the source of the leak first. Remove the access panel from the front of the machine and run a quick wash. Keep your eyes peeled for where the water is leaking from.

Once you have identified the source of the leak you should be in a better position to fix.

  • If the leak is coming from the door you will need to replace the gasket. Search for your make and model machine for how to buy a new gasket and install.
  • If the leak is coming from either the inlet or the outlet hose at the connectors then a simple tightening could fix the job. If there is damage to hose you can seal it however best practice is to buy a new hose and connect it.
  • If the leak is coming from the pump then you can replace the pump but it is a very complex job and you will need a professional if you haven’t performed a pump replacement before. At this stage consider whether getting a new dishwasher would not be better. (Preferably one that isn’t a Beko!)

Beko Dishwasher Pump Broken

Dishwasher pump went after 2 washes

Dishwasher pump went after 2 washes – took 2 weeks for engineer & replacement

Had a new BEKO Dishwasher for under a…

Had a new BEKO Dishwasher for under a week and the pump went! 3 WEEKS TO FIX IT!!!!! Unacceptable!!!! I so t ever buy another BEKO PRODUCT!!! very poor customer service and rude engineer.

What Is A Dishwasher Pump?

A dishwasher water pump is a small circulation water pump motor that uses centrifugal water pressuring force generated by a speed rotating propeller that sprays water through the spray arm hole to clean bowl and dish. It is usually installed at the bottom of the dishwasher and is integral to pumping out the water in your dishwasher.

You know that your dishwasher pump is broken when there is a puddle of water on your floor or if your dishwasher still has water after a cycle.

How To Fix A Dishwasher Pump

First step is to check that the dishwasher pump is not blocked. Do this by carefully taking apart the tray and looking for any blockages. Pour water through and use a snake to see if there are any blockages further down if required.

If the pump is not blocked then it is likely that there is an issue with the mechanics or electricals within the pump. This is not a job for a simple handyman. Either call Beko and have them come repair the machine or a replacement of the pump is required.

Complaining to Beko – How to Get a Refund

Getting Beko to admit that their appliances are faulty is damn near impossible (they don’t even admit fault when their machines literally explode)

But there are some steps you can take to give you a better chance of getting your money back for the faulty goods.

-Check your warranty period and do not allow them to delay past this time

-Know your rights

-Use Social Media – Here is their TwitterInstagramFacebook and YouTube accounts

-Email them and their CEO –,

-Email their parent company CEO –

-Take them to small claims

-Submit review to Trust Pilot

Read our full post on how to make a proper complaint to Beko and get a refund for everything you are owed

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