We have spoken before about this particular range of white good in our post on Beko Fridge Freezer reviews.

In that post we took a look at a number of customer reviews from Twitter, TrustPilot and all across the web. The general consensus was not good.

This time around we are looking at another Beko Fridge Freezer issue. This issue comes from a TrustPilot review from Alan. Alan says:

Very Short Lifespan Beko Fridge Freezer

Very disappointed with our Beko BCN73F integrated fridge freezer. Pre installed in our Carnaby Static Caravan which is now just coming up to 3 years old. The Fridge Freezer has just died . Had the Beko engineer came out today to repair and he instantly pressed the back of the fridge wall and said very sorry it can’t be repaired. Apparently it’s a very common fault and it’s slowly leaked the gas out of the cooling system and the back wall going spongy is the main symptom. I’m gutted Why a 3 year old fridge with very light seasonal use should die! especially with a known manufacturing fault ! In my mind Beko should have recalled it if they are aware of it. The sad part is it has to be scrapped and can’t be repaired. Their own engineer’s know it’s a common fault and apologized . I’m very disappointed with this Beko Fridge freezer under 3 years use is really not good & I personally wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Going to cost us a lot of money to have it replaced.

So first things first. 3 years is not a long time for a fridge to have stopped working.

The average fridge lasts between 10 and 20 years

The average warranty provided by Beko is 1 year

Got to wonder why the big discrepancy hey? Could it be because Beko are aware that their products are poorly made and will not last much longer than the warranty provided?

Back to Alan’s review. So Beko sent out an engineer to inspect the fridge and it could not be repaired.

The back wall of your Fridge Freezer is full of cooling pipes that are responsible for providing the chill that you need to keep your food frozen or just cold. They are designed to provide even coverage across the whole unit.

The engineer told Alan that the cooling system was faulty and the gas that was supposed to be going through the unit has been slowly leaking out. This is a common fault with certain Beko Fridge models.

If you want to diagnose your own fridge freezer with the same issue, open your fridge door and place your hand against the back wall and give it a slight push. Is the back wall of your fridge giving way and quite spongy in your hands?

If so your machine is knackered. There is no fix for this issue.

If you are still in your warranty period then file a complaint with Beko and have them replace the whole unit.

If you are outside of your warranty period then you should still complain to Beko. At the same time you should also leave reviews on Twitter, TrustPilot and you should file a report with Trading Standards citing that you believe the machine is unsafe or dangerous (it leaked gas all in your kitchen!)

Identifying A Gas Leak In Your Fridge Freezer