These little fellas.


No-one wants to see bugs crawling all over your house. All around your windows. In your bathroom near the drains. God I feel itchy just thinking about it.

But what are they? Where do they come from? And just how the hell can we get rid of them – for good!?

That’s what we are going to find out in this article today, what are these little black bugs and how do we get rid of them

What Are These Tiny Black Bugs In My House Near My Windows?

Little black bugs.

That’s not really a lot to go off is it. They are little and they are black. Some have a hard shell. Some are squishy little fellas.

There’s loads of different types of bug it could be. Let’s have a little gander shall we at the various types you might find.

Cockroach – when you picture a cockroach you probably think of them being somewhat large and brown. But there are different varieties of roach, some of them are small and black. If you do have a cockroach infestation be weary of stepping on them as that will just help to spread their eggs everywhere you travel!

Carpet Beetle – See the picture at the top of this article? That’s a carpet beetle. Does your infestation look like that? Carpet beetles are named due to the damage they generally cause to carpets – this damage isn’t done by the beetle itself but by its larvae. Regardless though they are not something that you want around your house!

Grain Insects – Are your black bugs living literally in your food? Particularly in big sacks of rice or flour? If so you’ve got grain insects. The best idea is to just chuck away any food they’ve nested in as it will likely be full of their eggs and you don’t want to be eating that.

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Pillbugs – More commonly found in the garden they are often mistaken for woodlice or smaller millipedes due to their similar appearance.

Mites – Often really really small. If the black bugs that you have are tiny small and appear to be attracted to your dog then you might just have mites.

If you are struggling to identify what type of bug you have in your home then check out this great instructional video:

Why Do I have Tiny Black Bugs In My House?

You have little black bugs in your home for the same reason you have any type of bug. Someone brought them in with them and they set up shop.

But before you go pointing the finger at all of your family. Just know that anyone could have brought them in. They are small enough to hitch a ride on anyone without their knowledge and their eggs could even have become stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

Though if you do like to make accusations – and you have a dog who likes to go running in long grass or swimming out in nature – then it would be a safe bet that it was the dog who brought them in.

How Do I Get Rid Of Small Black Bugs By My Windows?

If you have tiny black bugs anywhere in your house – but particularly round your windows you will want to take the following steps:

1 – Follow them

Follow where they go and where they come from. Pay particular attention to sources of food, water and shelter. The big 3 things that all creatures crave.

2a – Cut off the food source

This could be something as innocuous as crumbs down the side of the couch or a drink that was spilled (you would be more likely to have ants in this scenario though). Whatever it is clean it up.

2b – Cut off the water source

As above. Find where they are hydrating themselves and get rid of it. If you are seeing bugs around your window it is very likely they are using the condensation to provide sustenance. Try to provide more airflow in the room in order for the condensation to dissipate.

2c – Destroy the shelter

Get rid of anywhere dark that they are using to hide. Bring out the light!

3 – Deep Clean

The final step is to perform a deep clean of anywhere the bugs have been. Make sure to clean absolutely everywhere that they might have been, leave no stone unturned so to speak.

The best way to get the areas clean and ensure that any lingering eggs are destroyed is to use peppermint or neem oil.

If you are outside, or in a garage or other type of space you could even layer the area with diatomaceous earth.

Wash all your clothes and make sure your pets get a full wash and brush. You are best doing this outside as there is a decent chance that when you do this bugs and their eggs will fly off everywhere and you do not want this in your house.

It is super important that you don’t just wash the area with water as this will NOT stop the little pests from coming back.


Getting Rid of Small Black Bugs – Frequently Asked Questions

Could the small black bugs I see be mites? I mentioned earlier in this post that the likely culprit is going to be the carpet beetle, but if when we say small we mean teeny tiny, so teeny tiny that they are just visible to the naked eye then it is possible that they are clover mites.

Do small black bugs bite? Depending on the type of bug they might bite, this will probably be more of an issue to your pets so you might want to get a lice comb and give your furry little friend a good once over.

Are tiny black bugs poisonous? Don’t worry none of the species we have talked about in this post are poisonous. If you are still concerned you can take a picture of them and send it to your local poison helpline.