Another poor product review from the infamous Beko.

If you have read some of our previous posts you will know that we do not recommend anyone buy, own or use ANY Beko goods. Their washing machines leak, their fridges don’t stand the test of time, their oven doors explode and if all that wasn’t bad enough their products have caused a great number of deaths.

Not only are their products poor but their customer service is even worse.

After reading all of that you are probably less inclined to buy anything from Beko ever again. But let’s see another review anyway.

This review is from the DTGC7000W Tumble Dryer, let’s hear what one customer had to say:


i have a beko dtgc7000w tumble dryer, we brought this last year for £239.00 odd, it seemed really good at the time, after a year of ownership and in god honest truth, we only use this thing maybe once a month if we have a build up of washing, so after 1 year 3 months, it stated over heating and cutting out mid cycle so no washing could be completed. (DRY)
we contacted beko spares and a professional to see what the problem was, turns out its the thermostat in the back that is faulty, so we contacted beko for them to say we can get a replacement off espares as a trusted spare site as we do not stock, so we contacted them, they said they discontinued our tumble dryer not long after we brought and do not stock it or many spares, the only option was to buy a new heater element with all thermostats in place, this was also a wrong part and did not work as the wiring was not the same, we re contacted beko for them to say i quote,
unfortunately if we do not stock the part then we are unable to assist you,
since that, they are ignoring my emails and phone lines are closed, this happens time and time again due to rubbish customer service and aftercare, DO NOT BUY BEKO, there cheaply built.
go for something like Samsung or LG with there 5 and 2 year grantees. hope this helps on your purchases.

So let’s get this story straight. After just 1 year and 3 months of minimal usage this Tumble dryer started overheating and stopping mid-cycle.

I don’t know about you but when I buy white goods I expect them to last a little bit longer than that.

But hey ho – these things happen – and when they do you expect the manufacturer to assist. All this customer was asking for was some replacement parts (didn’t even ask for an engineer callout!).

What was Beko’s response? Beko said that they no longer produce that range of appliance. Which is funny as a simple google search will show that the product line is in fact still selling across all major retailers. Strange that all the big retailers are able to source this Tumble Dryer when it is no longer in production isn’t it!

So we have learned two things from this customer. 1 the DTGC7000W does not last long at all before it goes Kaput. And 2 that Beko customer services will lie directly to your face.

Same appliance but a video this time.

A dryer that leaks. That’s like the opposite of what you want your dryer to do.

The person who posted this video explains in the comments that the issue is most likely due to the condenser unit. It was glued together poorly and the user believes if the seal was done properly that the issue would not be present. I assume the user had to find this out themselves as Beko are typically no use in these situations.

If you dive into the comments on YouTube you can see that this is not the only customer with the same issue. This poorly glued condenser unit seems to be a recurring issue with the Beko Tumble Dryer range.

So that’s that. If you are in the market for a new Tumble Dryer it is our recommendation to steer clear of anything that Beko has to offer, not just this specific unit but everything they produce.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who have already bought a tumble dryer and it is not working for you then I have sourced the below video that is a good starting point for you to try to remedy the issue. I would still recommend complaining to Beko though and sharing your experience on Twitter and Trustpilot.