Bet you that’s a question you never thought you would ask yourself isn’t it? Sure you might expect that your dishwasher might leak, or could do a poor job cleaning your dishes, but you never expect a fire!

And that’s just what these poor people thought as well:

We arrived home Thursday night to find an awful burning smell. After running around the house trying to find the source we found it was the dishwasher – I’d put it on before leaving the house that morning and it was full of steam and water and a nasty burning smell.

What an incredible video

Dangerous dishwasher!

Alarmingly, our Beto dishwasher began sparking and smoking and we were genuinely concerned that it would set in fire. We reported this to Beko but received no response from them. We were very surprised by this and considered it to be poor customer service.


purchased an Integrated dishwasher which gone faulty after 3 months. The machine went faulty 3 times inside the warranty. Beko terms and conditions state item would be replaced if faulty 3 times inside warranty. machine fixed without replacement. Dishwasher Caught fire outside warranty and beko offered to fix a fire damaged dishwasher. Lucky we were at home when dishwasher caught fire. With 2 young children in the house beko still offered a repair. Shame on you Beko.

Clearly from these reviews it seems as though Beko has an issue with their dishwashers catching fire. In fact it is not just dishwashers that appear to be a concern when it comes to fire. This Which? article states that a quarter of all refrigeration fires came from Beko brand fridges. We have discussed Beko fridges before (they have lots of issues!)

How To Prevent Dishwasher Fires

  1. Ensure you are following the manufacturers instructions (these can be downloaded from the Beko website)
  2. – Check the Beko website for product recall information
  3. Ensure your product is registered so that you are notified about any product recalls
  4. Ensure the mashing is turned off when not in use.
  5. When the machine malfunctions request Beko send a professional out to inspect
  6. Make sure the outlet is not overloaded with too many plugs
  7. Inspect the plug, socket and wiring for any frays or knots regularly
  8. Ensure you clean and maintain the appliance as per the manufacturers instructions

There are also a few things that you can do that won’t prevent the fire but will greatly mitigate the damage that it causes should there be one:

  1. Install smoke detectors throughout the property
  2. Have a multipurpose fire extinguisher and fire blanket for the kitchen (ensure they are equipped for electrical fires)
  3. Never run the dishwasher when you are unavailable to supervise it

How To Handle A Dishwasher Fire

Even if you take all of the steps above a faulty appliance is still a faulty appliance, so you should know what to do if yours goes up in flame.

  • Always call 999 for the Fire Brigade
  • Do not attempt to put out the fire if it would put yourself or others in harms way, it is always best to evacuate than risk injury
  • If it is safe to do so use the fire extinguisher and fire blanket to put out the fire.

What To Do After A Beko Dishwasher Fire

After the fire you need to take stock. Ensure the fire brigade provide you with a full report on the incident including the cause.

File a complaint with Beko and the retailer of your machine

If your have extensive damages consider seeking legal advice. The Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to offer guidance in this area.

If the fire was a result of a manufacturing fault then file a complaint with Trading Standards.

Buy a better dishwasher, according to the Telegraph the best brand on the market are the Bosch freestanding dishwasher line

Had an issue with your Beko Dishwasher? Let us know in the comments…