If you are on the market for a vacuum cleaner or if you already have a Beko Powerclean vacuum then this is the post for you.

It is our recommendation that you stay well away from this range of products and this company as a whole. As the customer reviews below can attest to the products often do not work, they break very easily and there is next to no customer support from Beko.

I should mention that this is not just for vacuum cleaners either. Do not buy their leaky washing machines, their dishwashers that catch fire, their fridges that break just after the warranty period and let’s not forget…

The deaths of 18 people from their electric ovens

18 people dead before their time as a result of serious errors within this manufacturer’s products.

This post though is about Beko Vacuum cleaners, particularly VRT94929VI, VCS5125AB models. Let’s see what customers have to say.

Beko Vacuum Cleaner (Powerclean) Customer Reviews

This customer is unable to review the product at all as when it was received it was already defective. Customer service not helpful (as is typical for Beko)

Beko – worst customer service I have EVER experienced.

So I bought a Beko PowerClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner VRT94929VI directly from Beko on the 1st April 2021 with next day deliver.
Product arrives on 8th April.
Vacuum defective. Motorised brush heads not working. Long call to generate the Returns Authorisation Number – only to be told it would be emailed to me.
No returns authorisation number arrived the following day.
I called [again] and spoke to someone who, to be fair, said he’d put a replacement vacuum to one side and would make sure I got the Returns Authorisation Number. He was the one person who earned the single star.
Vacuum finally returned 14th April 2021.
Received by Beko warehouse on 15th April 2021.
6 or 7 emails, several calls and a replacement has still not been sent at at 4th May!
Worst Customer Service ever. Lack of clear communication or any updates what so ever.
I made a mistake this once. My advice is buy any relatively expensive item directly from a retail store.
I can’t ever see myself purchasing a Beko product again as the whole experience has put me off them completely…..and we are moving house soon and require all manner of white goods. Shame!

This customer faced a similar issue in that the motorised brush at the end was broken. Even after replacing the belt it still caused trouble.

beko vcs5125ab horrible vacuum

beko vcs5125ab, so it has a brush spinning at the end, and the belt snapped spinning that in the first 2 weeks. Poor engineering horrible vacuum cleaner. After replacing the belt it now heats up a lot and snapped once again. Garbage vacuums, scam.

This customer sets a new record. 4 weeks before their vaccum broke, that is better than the previous customers. Again customer service seemingly told the customer one thing and ended up doing another.

Rubbish customer services

Beko upright vacuum cleaner VCS5125AB only lasted 4 weeks. Four phone calls later and 6 days later nothing has happened as they advised. One member of staff even hung up on me in mid sentence. Was promised that the faulty item would be collected and a new one delivered at the same time on two occasions. I hate being given the runaround and I know they are just fobbing me off. In the past I have had beko washing machines and tumble driers and they have been really good. Obviously something has gone wrong now and their customer service employees are letting the company down.

Ok so here’s someone who didn’t have any issue with the product (that’s rare so far!) however the vacuum was damaged in an accident (I would bet money that a higher quality vacuum would not have broke). Here is where Beko’s subpar customer service comes into play.

They can’t or won’t repair their small appliances!

We’ve purchased a couple of appliances from Beko in the past so when we saw a deal for a cordless vacuum cleaner in March 2021 we decided to buy one. The product has been fine but was accidently damaged in November so I looked on their website for either a spares or somewhere I could send it for repair.
I couldn’t find anything other than spares and service for white goods so decided to telephone head office to check this out. If you call them you get a recorded message to say that they are all working from home and to send an email. I did this and got a reply to say that the email address wasn’t manned so to forward my message to another email address or call the same telephone number I used originally – that would have been a circular exercise!
I sent the full details of the vacuum cleaner as requested on 17th November and had a reply on 2nd December to say that there is no repair service offered on small domestic appliances. I couldn’t believe that a business would manufacture goods that it then refused to repair.
Their website makes a number of boasts about sustainability but this doesn’t chime with the actual facts. I thought I would try to contact the CEO or someone senior but that telephone message is still there. Thousands of businesses have employees working from home at the moment but this is the only one I have tried to contact that doesn’t answer it’s phones.
I replied to the service email asking for a senior person to contact me to discuss the problem but there wasn’t a reply to my message. However I then received an email from custoner services asking for details of the appliance again. I replied explaining what I wanted only to be told that accidental damage was not covered by the warranty (well I pretty much figured that out myself) so nothing they could/would do.
So never ever buy a small appliance from this manufacturer if you want it to have a sustainable life – good thing they don’t manufacture anything important!

This next customer needs a new beater bar belt for their 15 month old vacuum. Should a 15 month old vacuum require a new belt? We think not. Was Beko able to help the customer anyway? Of course not.

rubbish customer service

Trying to find a replacement beater bar belt for my 15 month old vacuum cleaner. Seems to be impossible, no reply from their customer service phone line and three emails unanswered. No one seems to stock spares, and specifically drive belts, for this model as Beko don’t supply them to companies which sell appliance spares. It makes this a disposable appliance as the original belt has stretched to the point where the beater bar doesn’t spin anymore so no use for vacuuming carpets. this coupled with their poor or non existent customer service means i am left very frustrated, and unlikely to buy another Beko appliance.

Vacuum broke after 27 days. Enough said.

Shockingly bad customer service.

Where do I start.
Vacuum broke down after 27 days.
We tried to complain over several days, but got no answer.
When they decided to answer we were told over 30 days had elapsed, so they would only offer a replacement.
4 phone calls and 15 emails over the last month and still no further forward.
Absolute, total utter disgrace.

Why does it take over a month to ship out a replacement vacuum? They probably can’t find a single one that works!

Beko are an insult to real customer service…

It’s an insult to real customer service to call what I have endured over the month as ‘customer’ service. It’s the worst type of customer service I can recall. Unprofessional for a start and Beko have not sent out a replacement product for my faulty vacuum cleaner for over a month. Even when escalating for a manager to call me back, no one does. I raised a complaint and no idea what the status of that is. Buy products from other companies, at least you may receive some form of customer service.

Should I Buy A Beko Brand Vacuum Cleaner?

No! A resounding and unequivocal NO.

Even if you are lucky and receive your machine on time and it works, you will still be at the mercy of the gods as to when the thing will fall apart. And when it does you better believe you will get absolutely no support from Beko. That’s just how they are.

How Do I Fix My Beko Brand Vacuum Cleaner?

If there is a part snapped, broken, worn out or missing then you are straight out of luck my friend. As we have seen from the above reviews Beko provide absolutely zero ongoing support for what they call ‘small appliances’.

That means that you will not receive any new parts, they will not send an engineer to you and they will not offer to fix the machine themselves.

If you want to try and make a repair yourself check out the below video for some tips on how to fix a vacuum cleaner:

If you are unable to fix the issue yourself then attempt to complain to Beko:

  • Raise a ticket on their site, submit a Resolver complaint AND send them a direct email (executivecustomer.care@beko.co.uk & teresa.arbuckle@beko.co.uk)
  • Also do the same thing with the retailer who sold you the machine (if it was not bought direct from Beko)Finally submit reviews on Twitter, TrustPilot and file a grievance with Trading Standards.

Learn more about how to complaint the correct way in our post here