We have spoken about Beko many times before on this site. Their poor quality products and their disdain for customer service means they have been shown on this site time and time again. They have leaky washing machines, fire starting dishwashers and their products have even caused a number of deaths.

We have even talked about Beko Fridges before. Spongy back fridges that stop working just after the warranty ends.

Well today is no exception. We are going to look at a review of the Beko Fridge Freezer CFG3582S

Beko Fridge FreezerCFG3582S DO NOT BUY!

Brought a fridge freezer modelĀ CFG3582S. Arrived 29th April left 24 hours before plugging in It made all the usual noises and then 24 hours later after stopped working. First day in New rental property have two children under 5 and wasted a 2 week shop. Phoned Beko directly who said would need to send an engineer out before they could replace the fridge and earliest date would be 2 and a half weeks. They would not exchange it. Went back to AO the company who I purchased the Beko product from and they gave me another one ,different make, next day Bank Holiday Monday. AO HAVE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CARE its a shame Beko couldn’t compete. Buy at your peril. Ironically I subscribed to their aftercare package . Very disappointed.

Few things to learn here. Firstly is that AO has pretty decent customer service. So well played to them. If you are having issues and are having trouble getting Beko to do the right thing (like getting blood from a stone) then it is always worth contacting the retailer as they may be more willing to help.

Secondly, this may come as a shock (to Beko anyway) but fridges are not supposed to break down after 24 hours of use. If this happens to you then follow the usual troubleshooting steps as outlined in your manual (which can be found here). If your fridge still does not work then you will need to file a complaint with Beko.

Remind them that you are still under warranty and that you expect them to rectify your problem.

If you are reading this because you are on the fence about whether to buy a BEKO Fridge Freezer CFG3582S or any other Beko product then my only advice to you is:


if you are still on the fence check out some more reviews of their fridges and/or customer service

Shoddy American Style Four Door Fridge Freezer with HarvestFresh Technology

For the second time in less than six months after purchasing the above fridge freezer, the ice making machine has broken again. Ringing customer services after a 15 minute phone call, most of it on hold waiting for an human to answer. An appointment was made for an engineer to come out. Just to rub salt in the wound the mobile provider I use charges for 0333 numbers 35p per minute. This will be the last Beko product in our household. Why can Beko not use an 0800 number so that is free to call?????

Customer services? Do they answer the phone?

Been stuck on hold a stupid period of time and my fridge freezer has stopped working after 8 days!!! How ridiculous.


We bought the Harvest Fresh CFP3691VW Fridge Freezer 13 months ago and the freezer has stopped working already. The guarantee is 1 year only. This is the most expensive Fridge Freezer we’ve ever bought and the although it looks nice it isn’t fit for purpose.
Customer Services were unhelpful and unpleasant. We previously had a Beko which lasted about a year, but were persuaded to buy as allegedly the products were improving in quality etc. Big mistake – never again will we buy any Beko products.

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