If you are on the market for a Coffee Machine or you have a Beko brand coffee machine already then this is the post for you.

It is our recommendation that you stay clear from this product and this company. The products themselves are prone to break very quickly. This is not just referring to Coffee Machines either, their dishwashers don’t wash dishes, their washing machines leak and their fridge freezers barely last as long as the warranty.

But hey, every company has issues it is how they deal with issues that separates good and bad companies and we have spoken about Beko’s terrible customer service many times before

Not to mention the amount of times their products have caused loss of life…

Beko Appliance Deaths – How Many People Have Been Killed In Their Own Home? – Be your own Handyman (simplehandyman.co.uk)

But this post isn’t about any of that. This is about Beko Coffee and Espresso Machines particularly the CEG5301X, CEG5331X models.

Let’s look at what customers are saying:

Beko Coffee Machines Customer Reviews

Terrible products – even worse customer service.

Bought a coffee machine in December. It broke within three months. I notified beko customer service – they’ve done nothing but mess me about since. I’ve constantly had to chase them for collection, for updates, for information etc.
It’s coming up for two months since I notified them of the fault and I’ve still not had a repair or a replacement.

They’ve not once emailed me without me prompting them – I think they just hope I’ll give up. The coffee machine wasn’t cheap at around £300. I’m starting to think their products just aren’t up to scratch- I had endless problems with a beko dishwasher (didn’t work the day it was installed and failed regularly – ended up as a “triggers broom” machine). In the end I just got rid of it – life’s too short to deal with this company.

Just for your awareness Coffee machines should not break within 3 months, especially expensive machines like Beko are pushing (£300!!).

It is not at all surprising to hear that Beko’s customer service was not up to scratch for this customer. If you read their TrustPilot reviews you will come to learn that poor customer service is a hallmark of Beko

After sales Customer service terrible

Having telephoned Beko 5 times to return a faulty coffee machine (which was purchased direct online) and being told 5 times by customer services that someone would call the next day to arrange collection. The first of those promises being over 2 weeks ago I am still waiting. The customer after sales service is absolutely atrocious and based on my experience I would not recommend purchasing from them. Beko sort your stuff out and honour what you promise. The purchaser of this product was my teenage son on apprentice salary. Absolutely diabolical 😔

I had a small fault on a fairly new…

I had a small fault on a fairly new espresso coffee maker. Spoke to someone online (after 35 minute wait). Basically told be to send it back to (online) seller and they would junk it, no compensation. Or I could save time and put it in landfill myself — no mend, no suggestions. Was told that Beko had no interest in small appliances after they had been sold. Also tried emailing the co and leaving them a message on their website — no replies.
Following my posting on Trustpilot, Beko actually responded and promised to look into it. Unfortunately that haven’t followed through and have gone silent on me again. Totally frustrating.

Coffee Machine

I bought a CEG5331X coffee machine for my Mother for £289. The product recently failed and was frustratingly 2 weeks out of warranty. i was told that small appliances were not offered a repair service and there was nothing they could help with! Basically tough luck.
I will never buy from BEKO again. Useless after care.

2 weeks out of warranty. As shown through our many reports on Beko products breaking just after the warranty period has expired is a common occurrence for this manufacturer.

Great until you need a problem fixing

Great until you need a problem fixing – customer services is appalling to say the least.
Have a Beko Bean to Cup machine that decided to leak after around 9 months. Contacted Beko by phone. Took some time in the first instance to try and explain that the coffee machine was NOT a washing machine as the operative couldn’t understand that there are other products that can leak apart from a washing machine. Took another age to explain what the fault was after being placed on hold multiple times. After this was told that I would have to wait a couple of days to see if they would send a replacement machine out or have the current one repaired (send a sticker out was there exact words. I tried to confirm if I would get a call or an email, but she just stated (after being on hold again) that I would have to call back myself for the decision! She then put me on hold again and a another lady started to explain something slightly different, Politely, I asked to be transferred to a senior or managers as I was getting differing responses and that they didn’t seem confident with what they were saying to me. At this point they put the phone down on me!!! Ridiculous to say the least.

I then contacted Amazon, through who I purchased the item. The fantastic operative there tried to call Beko themselves and could not get through – At that point he just said we will send a new machine out tomorrow and will pick up the faulty one at the same time. Now that is customer service!

BEKO need to take a leaf out of Amazons book.

Another issue. Leaking machines. Again the customer service was no help whatsoever and even thought the customer was complaining about a washing machine (which have been known to catch fire!).

Should I Buy A Beko Brand Coffee Maker?

Absolutely not. While the product may work well for ‘most’ people if you need any kind of aftercare service you will be completely out of luck as Beko will not help you.

Try this coffee machine instead

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How Do I Fix My Beko Brand Coffee Maker?

If you have already made the mistake and bought a Beko coffee maker and it is not working then consider watching the below video which shows the steps you can take to try to fix the issue yourself:

If you are unable to fix the issue yourself then attempt to complain to Beko:

Raise a ticket on their site, submit a Resolver complaint AND send them a direct email (executivecustomer.care@beko.co.uk & teresa.arbuckle@beko.co.uk)

Also do the same thing with the retailer who sold you the machine (if it was not bought direct from Beko)

Finally submit reviews on Twitter, TrustPilot and file a grievance with Trading Standards.

Learn more about how to complaint the correct way in our post here