Don’t Buy BEKO FFG1545W Fridge Freezer

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Or any Beko Fridge/Freezer for that matter. In fact no Beko products should ever be bought considering a coroner ruled that they knew their products were faulty but refused to act in time which resulted in the death of 18 people.


And it’s not just their oven range that have issues. We have spoken before about their leaking washing machines, their dishwashers that catch fire, their exploding glass doors and their appliances that cause death by electrocution.

But what about their fridge freezer range?

Well if you are willing to overlook all of those issues with their other products then still be warned that their fridges aren’t that great either. As we have talked about before they do not last very long and break very easily

In this post we are going to see more reasons why you should avoid Beko’s fridge freezer range of appliances. Let’s take a look at what real customers have to say about their products:

BEKO FFG1545W Fridge Freezer Customer Reviews

This first review is not much of a surprise. The shelves that come standard with Beko fridges are quite flimsy. It is probable that the shelf was damaged when the goods were being loaded into the kitchen. Unlikely to have happened had the customer gone with any other company who make sturdier shelves in their products.

Contacted Beko with regard to a damaged…

Contacted Beko with regard to a damaged shelf in my new fridge, I was told they would send one out to me. 2 weeks later it had not arrived so I contacted Beko again to be told I need to get in touch with Magnet kitchen’s who fitted it which I did. Magnet kitchen’s were told that it must have been damaged on delivery and would not authorise a replacement, disappointed with the service from Beko. Would think long and hard as to making any further purchases from Beko in the future.

This next customer is only 5 weeks in and there is damage in the fridge already! Beko should be appalled at their quality control department rather than shirking responsibility. (Also doesn’t paint Curry’s in that good of a light either).

I have damage to my fridge which I…

I have damage to my fridge which I didn’t notice until 5 wks after purchase & beko or curry’s will not replace

“Don’t buy Beko”. Couldn’t agree with this next reviewer more. So the fridge was freezing produce and then the freezer wasn’t freezing produce. That’s just what you want from your fridge freezer…NOT!!

Don’t buy Beko:

Bought a Beko CSG3528 fridge freezer early this year 2023. Found fridge contents freezing from early days. To overcome this then the freezer would not be colder than -18*C. Beko sent two Domex technicians who did not test the appliance at all in spite of frozen contents in the fridge but certified appliance no fault found. So dishonest. Appliance still faulty in Jun 22 and Beko 1 yr guarantee is a joke and are ignoring my concern.
Moral: if a Beko new appliance is suspected to be faulty then reject it in time, but hey don’t invite trouble: don’t buy Beko. Period.

Reviewer below says he is not holding out any hope for a replacement or a refund. I agree dear reviewer unless you have a warranty it seems like Beko just doesn’t care about their customers.

Beko fail again

Bought a £450 tall freezer Dec 2020. June 2023 and it’s dying – making funny noises and failing to freeze at the top. Having looked at Beko’s typical responses on here and Twitter, I don’t hold out any hope for a replacement or refund. Its not the first time it’s happened with Beko but it will be the last. Guess I’ll be shopping for a decent brand this weekend. I’d encourage you not to purchase any of their products. I’ve had to bin a fridge and washing machine too in the past.

We’ve talked about this next reviewer’s complaint before. It is bordering on criminal that a fridge only lasts a few months post-warranty. If more companies behaved like Beko then buying a fridge/freezer would be a yearly task!

Motor Broken after 16 months.

I bought a Beko Fridge Freezer 16 months ago (17.1.21) and the motor has broken and not repairable. As it is only a 12 month guarantee Beko will not deal with it as a guarantee repair/replacement. I explained that such a fault after 16 months is appalling- still no help. All of my fridges in the past have lasted for many years. This is very poor quality and customer service. I guess you only get what you pay for and I’ll never buy anything from Beko again.

Honestly this next review just seems plain dangerous. If this happens to you then file a complaint with Trading Standards as soon as possible

Never again Beko company!

I bought an American Beko freezer and freezer from the Topline store. After about half a year of use, the refrigerator began to suffer, it has smoke deposits. Nobody smokes at home. We knew right away that it was a manufacturing error. I cleaned it and in two weeks the refrigerator was again with a layer of smoke. I was complaining in the store. Plumber from Beko checked the refrigerator for and said he had never seen such a thing before and would write a message to replace our refrigerator. A month has passed and nothing is happening. I was in the store again and they told me that another plumber manager would come to see the repair and replacement. I waited another month and no one went. I was in the store again to complain about my refrigerator. They said I should wait. Half a year has passed and I am worried about my family’s health. The fridge-freezer is releasing some gas into my food! Nothing happens for another two months and I’m waiting. I wrote to the store when will to come my refrigerator replace? After eight months, I received a reply that my complaint had been rejected and no one would come to see it. No refund! no fix! They only lied to me for 8 months. Beko wrote that she had done a lot for us by devoting time to us. I will never buy a product from Beko again. It is useless to pay extra compensation for several years, it is a waste of money!

How does a door disintegrate? I guess we will never know because it is not like Beko is going to provide any support to this next customer…

Dangerous products awful customer service

Truly awful company and truly dangerous products. Bought a Beko washing machine, fridge and freezer less than 3 years ago. Had to hand back the washing machine within less than a month and buy a different brand, because it was faulty. The fridge was doing fine until the door started disintegrating. Unfortunately, the warranty ran out last November, so when the hinge disintegrated and the door came off in my hands (luckily not on top of my 3-year-old, or that would have been a wrongful death lawsuit!), the company refused to replace the door for free or even get it repaired free of charge. Shoddy products and awful customer service. Beko should be ashamed!

Should I Buy A Beko Brand Fridge or Fridge Freezer?

That is going to be a straight up NO from us.

Look at the issues raised above. Take a look at the reviews on their Trust Pilot account. Look at the page after page of complaints regarding their customer service.

Sure some of their products may work for a long time, but do you really want to take the chance that if the product breaks Beko will just refuse to help you?

How Do I Fix My Beko Brand Fridge Freezer?

First thing first. Go to our post on Beko Fridge Freezer issues and see if we have already talked about the fault you are having.

If not check out this great video on diagnosing the fault with your fridge:

If you are unable to fix the issue yourself then attempt to complain to Beko:

  • Raise a ticket on their site, submit a Resolver complaint AND send them a direct email ( &
  • Also do the same thing with the retailer who sold you the machine (if it was not bought direct from Beko)Finally submit reviews on Twitter, TrustPilot and file a grievance with Trading Standards.

Learn more about how to complaint the correct way in our post here

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