Do you wonder what combi drill is the best available in 2021 time? Have a look at the list of recommendations below!

Finding a high quality combi drill is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know where to look and how to look. There are plenty of aspects you need to take into account while searching for hammer drill. We mean here such factors as the type of drill, drill bits, or its size and weight. We cannot also forget about gears, torque, voltage, and such obvious aspect as the design, which in some cases is also crucial while picking the best drill. In order to give you a thorough explanation and fact-based data, we decided to create a list of 5 recommendable drills you could choose. We encourage everyone to familiarize with all the elements, so you can control the purchase and make sure you have chosen the legitimate product backed with positive feedback and flattering opinions from the users as well as the critics.

The first product on our list is Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2

Highly effective on variety of materials
Quick and lasting batteries
Low price
Jamming chuck mechanism

Bosch PSB 1800 LI-2 Cordless Combi Drill with Two 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery, since it is the full name of the described product, is a very attractive choice for people, who are looking for solid and at the same time affordable heavy drill. The company doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone – Bosch is well known company that has been producing automotive and industrial technology, as well as utility goods and technical building equipment. Equipped with two speed gearbox and lithium-ion battery, we receive here two 18V batteries with decent working time and very efficient drilling in any material. The product has been checked and verified as an effective on such materials as wood, brick, or concrete. Thanks to these batteries, we can use Bosch PSB 1080 LI-2 for 3 hours while continuously drilling. The only noticeable problem can be with jamming Chuck mechanism, which occurs rather rarely.

Looking for a pricier purchase? Take a look at Makita DHP458RFE3

Highly effective thanks to high torque

Great price-quality ratio


Very fast charger

Burning-like smell

Set could be Pricy

Makita is a Japanese producer well known worldwide for their effective and rather cheap products. Makita DHP458RFE3 18V Cordless Compact 2-Speed Combi Drill with Charger with 3x batteries is not as cheap as Bosch drill, however the finishing thereof is also on the higher level. Previously mentioned Bosch was referred to as light drill, because it weighed only 3 kg. In case of Makita, we receive even lighter appliance. It was made of metal and plastic, what guarantees both solid and light construction. The interesting fact is of course the introduction of three Lithium ion batteries, 3Ah each. Thanks to high torque, its efficiency exceeds all the requirements of the users. However, except for its mechanical and efficiency advantages, people find this Makita attractive because of compact design. The durability of the tool allowed to use it in professional work, not just DIY one-time activities. The problem with this particular model is the burning type of smell when heavily used.

Looking for less expensive drill? Ryobi ONE+ is the third suggestion at our list!

Keyless chuck

One-handed bit change

Adjustable torque

Fast drill speed

Poor battery life

Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Combi Drill with 2 x 1.3A Batteries and 45 Minute Charger, 18V is a very interesting piece of work created by another Japanese company. However, this particular drill is three times cheaper than the previous one and astonishes the users with very effective drilling and many interesting features. One of the most interesting ones is the 13 mm keyless chuck, thanks to which changing drill bits is faster and more comfortable. Thanks to two gears we can choose the proper speed and adjust everything for the correct screw size and material. The users also praise Robyi ONE+ for its automatic spindle lock. It lets us change bits one-handed (combined with keyless chuck, the operation of Ryobi ONE + is one of the easiest and the fastest). The hammer function, two batteries, and of course a lot of additional accessories make this heavy drill interesting offer.

DeWalt 18V XR – a position for demanding people

Compact, light design

Special intelligent trigger to control features

14 adjustable options for torque control

Two speed for metal transmission

Minor issues with the chuck

If you want to adjust the torque speed as well as the position of everything in the most comfortable way, we recommend testing out DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Combi Drill with 1 x 4Ah Battery. Thanks to lightweight and compact design, DeWalt can be used in confined spaces. If you are looking for a tool that can be used with variety of metal or wood materials, then torque control available in 14 positions will surely appeal to each and every user. What is more, the described tool has got an intelligent trigger installed, what provide us with total control of the drill and all its features. As the remaining heavy drills presented and recommended on this list, DeWalt 18V XR has been equipped with Lithium Ion battery. However, we do not possess two or three batteries, but we receive one, 4Ah battery that lasts more than the competition.

Looking for an affordable kit? Take a look at Apollo 18V Pro Cordless Combo Drill!

Great quality-price ratio

Very light


Great performance with light DIY work

No hammer action

Poor performance against heavy work

Apollo 18V Pro Cordless Combo Drill Driver with 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery is a product that will be the best choice for people looking for cheap and checked heavy drill. It provides us with 2 Gears – the option responsible for different RPMs. What’s more, we can see here 19 positions of keyless chuck, what additionally shortens the time of changing bits. As standard, we can see here variable speed switch for different materials and in addition to that, we will also be provided with 30 Piece drill and screwdriver accessory set, which is the basic equipment in case of this tool. 1,5Ah will be enough for 30Nm torque to work effectively for 3 up to even 5 hours. We cannot forget about small size and construction materials that made Apollo 18V Pro Cordless Combo Drill Driver very light and balanced. It is destined for light work at home and for such purpose, it performs very well.

What elements are the most important while looking for the best combi drill?

There are several aspects you should pay attention to while looking for effective drill that will last more than a several months of a year. The company itself and the brand isn’t the utmost importance, but it is worth to add that legitimate and checked brands tend to satisfy more customers. In addition to brand, we should always consider the battery technology, gearbox speed, the power of torque, additional features regarding the control of the torque, and of course the size and the weight of the drill.

Why weight and size matters?

When looking for combi drill, we tend to forget about these two factors. However, in most cases combi drills will be used one-handed, and often in small, cramped rooms. That’s why looking for lightweight, compact drills is very important aspect. Of course the heavier drill is, the more durable it may occur. Keep in mind; however, that it is not the case for unknown companies. Another problem that concerns weight is related to the balance of the tool. In order to use it with one hand, it is necessary to provide proper balance. If the desired combi drill does not meet these requirements, it is plausible that we will have to use both hands, or what is worse, we will try to carry on one-handed and by that we will lower our performance.

Battery and power maintenance

The importance of highly advanced and modern battery is also very crucial. In new drills it is recommended to have lithium ion batteries equipped. As you can see from the list above, all the suggested items meet this requirement. It is important to have lithium ion batteries because of many advantages. The most important one is of course high density of energy. In other words, lithium ion batteries prolong the use of our drill and we can use our item longer between charges. We cannot forget about self-discharge issue, which is significantly reduced in modern cells. Another great pros of using lithium ion battery is the low priority to maintenance batteries. Of course, there are some disadvantages of using lithium ion batteries. For example, the most important problem is with ageing. These batteries age, and therefore it is not possible to use one and the same battery in our combi drill for years. What’s more, we need to take care of them, since they are not as robust as other technologies.

Gearbox and various RPMs

When it comes to gearbox, the additional control over RPMs in our screwdriver gives us the possibility to adjust revolutions per minute to the proper metal or other material we will be using with our drill. What’s more, it is also very helpful when we are trying different screw sizes. Having multiple gear drill drivers lets us select different speed ranges without loosing torque. Thanks to that we can maintain high velocity along with high torque. Keep in mind that 2 speed gearboxes are crucial, especially if you are going to use your drill with variety of materials and screw sizes.

Additional controls

Features that provide you with numerous control give you the chance to adjust each and every detail to your own preferences. Thanks to that you don’t have to worry about wrong screw sizes or problems with more durable materials. Another advantage of having some extra features is the fact that the durability of the screwdriver will be longer. It results from better preparation of the drill for the material. Let us take for example one of the suggested items, which is DeWalt. As we can see from the above-mentioned review, we are provided with intelligent trigger that gives us total control over the application. In other words, we can make sure that every single parameter has been set in the proper manner. Also, it is always good to have some extra features like special indicators with battery life, some LEDs, and other indicators.


A lot of people mistakenly presume that torque power is the same thing as the speed with which the drill turns. Torque is nothing else but the force the drill produces in order to turn an object. In other words, we can have gigantic torque with rather low number of RPMs. One of the suggested drills are equipped with high torque drill, what produces much more power and performs much better when it comes to heavy, professional work with variety of materials. Of course, the RPMs are also very important and that is why you should always pay attention to gearbox, torque, and RPMs, since these three factors are dependent and connected to each other.

How long it will last – Durability

When it comes to durability, it’s difficult to distinguish one particular element that will indicate which screwdriver will last for more than a few months. Unfortunately, we cannot even rely on famous and popular brands, because even such companies as Makita or Bosch may release a very efficient, but nondurable product. Because of that, it is necessary to look for the opinions as well as the guarantee. The latter is a very important element that some of you tend to forget. If the producer provides complete, long-lasting guarantee, then we can expect to use this particular drill for more than a year. When it comes to materials, the standard materials used in the production of screwdrivers are metal and high quality plastic. The first one makes sure it is stable and provides adequate power. The second one makes sure we are not carrying a 10-kilo drill.

What others think about combi drills?

Thankfully for us, nowadays it is much easier to find a legitimate feedback regarding particular object. Thanks to the occurrence of various forums and pages, where DIY fans come together to share their experience, we can in a very easy and clear way find out whether the desired drill will fulfil our expectations. Of course, we need to watch out on the reviews prepared in a careful and strict manner. Sometimes we may encounter on false feedback that is an attempt to convince us that the described product is worth its price. Therefore, we recommend reviewing comments only from verified purchases and from people that actually enjoyed using the drill.

Summary and conclusion – what to choose – 2021 edition?

We are not going to indicate which tool is the best and which one you should choose. The list was prepared for people with different expectations and different payment capability. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a cheap tool, for the most expensive one. It doesn’t even matter if you know how to find legitimate drill or you are completely green in this topic. The list was created based on ours experience as well as the opinions of people from the Internet. Each drill has something interesting we can recommend and some flaw that may or may not disrupt effective drilling. That is why we highly suggest to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons prepared in here and choose the one that will fit your demands best.

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